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; Fix another format-spec typo in the Elisp manual

* doc/lispref/text.texi (Interpolated Strings): Correct markup for
function argument.
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......@@ -4678,7 +4678,7 @@ expanded when the header line is computed. To do this, the
above. @var{specification} is an alist that has elements where the
@code{car} is a character and the @code{cdr} is the substitution.
If @code{ONLY-PRESENT} is @code{nil}, errors will be signaled if a
If @var{only-present} is @code{nil}, errors will be signaled if a
format character has been used that's not present in
@var{specification}. If it's non-@code{nil}, that format
specification is left verbatim in the result.
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