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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -19,6 +19,23 @@
* calendar/cal-x.el (calendar-dedicate-diary): Use get-buffer rather
than buffer-live-p. Reported by David Koppelman <>.
* calendar/calendar.el (hebrew-holidays-1, hebrew-holidays-2)
(hebrew-holidays-3, hebrew-holidays-4): Don't autoload obsolescence.
* calendar/calendar.el (diary-hebrew-entry-symbol): Rename
hebrew-diary-entry-symbol. Keep old name as alias.
(diary-islamic-entry-symbol): Rename islamic-diary-entry-symbol.
Keep old name as alias.
(diary-bahai-entry-symbol): Rename bahai-diary-entry-symbol.
Keep old name as alias.
* calendar/cal-bahai.el: Update for rename bahai-diary-entry-symbol
to diary-bahai-entry-symbol.
* calendar/cal-hebrew.el: Update for rename hebrew-diary-entry-symbol
to diary-hebrew-entry-symbol.
* calendar/cal-islam.el: Update for rename islamic-diary-entry-symbol
to diary-islamic-entry-symbol.
* calendar/diary-lib.el: Update for diary-entry-symbol renames.
* calendar/cal-coptic.el (calendar-coptic-month-name-array):
Rename coptic-calendar-month-name-array. Update callers.
(calendar-coptic-epoch): Rename coptic-calendar-epoch. Update callers.
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