Commit 318d030e authored by David Ponce's avatar David Ponce
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(widget-field-end): Temporarily remove field

narrowing before to call `get-char-property'.
parent 0e739597
......@@ -1185,9 +1185,17 @@ When not inside a field, move to the previous button or field."
;; or if a special `boundary' field has been added after the widget
;; field.
(if (overlayp overlay)
(if (and (not (eq (get-char-property (overlay-end overlay)
(widget-field-buffer widget))
(if (and (not (eq (with-current-buffer
(widget-field-buffer widget)
;; `widget-narrow-to-field' can be
;; active when this function is called
;; from an change-functions hook. So
;; temporarily remove field narrowing
;; before to call `get-char-property'.
(get-char-property (overlay-end overlay)
(or widget-field-add-space
(null (widget-get widget :size))))
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