Commit 31ca1841 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/rect.el (rectangle--string-preview): Don't assume there

a non-nil default.

Fixes: debbugs:17984
parent 1a5db9eb
2014-07-19 Stefan Monnier <>
* rect.el (rectangle--string-preview): Don't assume there
a non-nil default (bug#17984).
2014-07-16 Glenn Morris <>
* desktop.el (after-init-hook): Disable startup frame restoration
......@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ With a prefix (or a FILL) argument, also fill too short lines."
(when (equal str "")
(setq str (or (car-safe minibuffer-default)
(if (stringp minibuffer-default) minibuffer-default))))
(setq str (propertize str 'face 'region))
(when str (setq str (propertize str 'face 'region)))
(with-selected-window rectangle--string-preview-window
(unless (or (null rectangle--string-preview-state)
(equal str (car rectangle--string-preview-state)))
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