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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -588,6 +588,11 @@ The command M-x comint-redirect-send-command-to-process acts like
M-x comint-redirect-send-command but additionally reads the name of
the buffer whose process should be used from the mini-buffer.
Packages based on comint.el like shell-mode, and
scheme-interaction-mode now highlight user input, and support choosing
previous input with mouse-2. To control this feature, see the
user-option `comint-highlight-input'.
** Changes to Rmail mode
*** The new user-option rmail-rmail-user-mail-address-regexp can be
......@@ -1028,6 +1033,9 @@ expression from that list, are not checked.
** New modes and packages
*** The new package xml.el provides a simple but generic XML
parser. It doesn't parse the DTDs however.
*** The comment operations are now provided by the newcomment.el
package which allows different styles of comment-region and should
be more robust while offering the same functionality.
......@@ -1210,18 +1218,23 @@ delim-col has the following commands:
delimit-columns-rectangle Prettify all columns in a text rectangle.
*** The package recentf.el maintains a menu for visiting files that
were operated on recently. When enabled, a new "Open Recent" submenu
is displayed in the "Files" menu.
were operated on recently.
M-x recentf-mode RET toggles recentf mode.
The recent files list is automatically saved across Emacs sessions.
M-x customize-variable RET recentf-mode RET can be used to enable
recentf at Emacs startup.
To enable/disable recentf use M-x recentf-mode.
M-x customize-variable RET recentf-menu-filter RET to specify a menu
filter function to change the menu appearance. For example, the recent
file list can be displayed:
To enable recentf at Emacs startup use
M-x customize-variable RET recentf-mode RET.
- organized by major modes, directories or user defined rules.
- sorted by file pathes, file names, ascending or descending.
- showing pathes relative to the current default-directory
To change the number of recent files displayed and others options use
M-x customize-group RET recentf RET.
The `recentf-filter-changer' menu filter function allows to
dynamically change the menu appearance.
*** elide-head.el provides a mechanism for eliding boilerplate header
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