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* NEWS: Explain how to default Tramp to FTP.

parent 2e8c13b4
2005-03-10 Michael Albinus <>
* NEWS: Explain how to default Tramp to FTP.
2005-03-05 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* NEWS: Mention Carbon build on Mac OS 9.
......@@ -2445,7 +2445,11 @@ connection using base64 or uu encoding) and the `out-of-band' methods
`rsync' to do the copying).
Shell connections can be acquired via `rsh', `ssh', `telnet' and also
`su' and `sudo'.
`su' and `sudo'. Ange-FTP is still supported via the `ftp' method.
If you want to disable Tramp you should set
(setq tramp-default-method "ftp")
** The new global minor mode `file-name-shadow-mode' modifies the way
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