Commit 3241c84f authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Remove unneeded stuff from nt/inc/sys/time.h

* nt/inc/sys/time.h (_TIMEVAL_DEFINED, struct timevat, timerisset)
(timercmp, timerclear): Don't define.  Instead, include the system
header sys/time.h, and add only the interval timers stuff.  This
avoids compiler warnings about 'gettimeofday's prototype, and also
avoids redefinition of macros from system headers.
parent d23a486b
* sys/time.h either doesn't exist on Windows, or doesn't necessarily
* have the below stuff.
/* The guards are for MinGW64, which defines these structs on its
system headers which are included by ms-w32.h. */
/* Allow inclusion of sys/time.h and winsock2.h in any order. Needed
for running the configure test, which is only relevant to MinGW. */
struct timeval
long tv_sec; /* seconds */
long tv_usec; /* microseconds */
#define timerisset(tvp) ((tvp)->tv_sec || (tvp)->tv_usec)
#define timercmp(tvp, uvp, cmp) \
(((tvp)->tv_sec != (uvp)->tv_sec) ? \
((tvp)->tv_sec cmp (uvp)->tv_sec) : \
((tvp)->tv_usec cmp (uvp)->tv_usec))
#define timerclear(tvp) (tvp)->tv_sec = (tvp)->tv_usec = 0
#endif /* _TIMEVAL_DEFINED */
#include_next <sys/time.h>
#define ITIMER_REAL 0
#define ITIMER_PROF 1
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