Commit 324cd947 authored by Pavel Janík's avatar Pavel Janík
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(play-sound): Move here from simple.el.

parent a155c353
......@@ -1967,4 +1967,25 @@ clone should be incorporated in the clone."
(overlay-put ol2 'evaporate t)
(overlay-put ol2 'text-clones dups)))
(defun play-sound (sound)
"SOUND is a list of the form `(sound KEYWORD VALUE...)'.
The following keywords are recognized:
:file FILE - read sound data from FILE. If FILE isn't an
absolute file name, it is searched in `data-directory'.
:data DATA - read sound data from string DATA.
Exactly one of :file or :data must be present.
:volume VOL - set volume to VOL. VOL must an integer in the
range 0..100 or a float in the range 0..1.0. If not specified,
don't change the volume setting of the sound device.
:device DEVICE - play sound on DEVICE. If not specified,
a system-dependent default device name is used."
(unless (fboundp 'play-sound-internal)
(error "This Emacs binary lacks sound support"))
(play-sound-internal sound))
;;; subr.el ends here
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