Commit 326b283b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(scan_sexps_forward): Set up the syntax table scanning

stuff before jumping into the loop.
parent 2c8d5749
......@@ -2383,17 +2383,23 @@ do { prev_from = from; \
curlevel->prev = -1;
curlevel->last = -1;
SETUP_SYNTAX_TABLE (prev_from, 1);
prev_from_syntax = SYNTAX_WITH_FLAGS (FETCH_CHAR (prev_from_byte));
/* Enter the loop at a place appropriate for initial state. */
if (state.incomment) goto startincomment;
if (state.incomment)
goto startincomment;
if (state.instring >= 0)
nofence = state.instring != ST_STRING_STYLE;
if (start_quoted) goto startquotedinstring;
if (start_quoted)
goto startquotedinstring;
goto startinstring;
if (start_quoted) goto startquoted;
else if (start_quoted)
goto startquoted;
SETUP_SYNTAX_TABLE (prev_from, 1);
prev_from_syntax = SYNTAX_WITH_FLAGS (FETCH_CHAR (prev_from_byte));
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