Commit 327bcdb5 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(pmail-set-message-deleted-p): Remove unused declarations.
parent e6eddb0d
......@@ -67,11 +67,9 @@ These are all user-defined, unlike `pmail-attributes'.")
(declare-function pmail-desc-get-start "pmaildesc" (n))
(declare-function pmail-desc-remove-keyword "pmaildesc" (keyword n))
(declare-function pmail-display-labels "pmail" ())
(declare-function pmail-maybe-set-message-counters "pmail" ())
(declare-function pmail-message-labels-p "pmail" (msg labels))
(declare-function pmail-msgbeg "pmail" (n))
(declare-function pmail-set-attribute "pmail" (attr state &optional msgnum))
(declare-function pmail-set-message-deleted-p "pmail" (n state))
(declare-function pmail-show-message "pmail" (&optional n no-summary))
(declare-function pmail-summary-exists "pmail" ())
(declare-function pmail-summary-update "pmailsum" (n))
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