Commit 32d0013e authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

($(TRES)): Depend on $(BLD). Use $< instead of $(ALL_DEPS).

$(BLD)/preprep.$(O)): New dependency on $(BLD).
(all-other-dirs-nmake, all-other-dirs-gmake, bootstrap-nmake)
(bootstrap-gmake): Depend on addsection.
parent 25e90411
......@@ -56,8 +56,8 @@ $(BLD)/preprep.exe: $(BLD)/preprep.$(O)
# The resource file. NT 3.10 requires the use of cvtres; even though
# it is not necessary on later versions, it is still ok to use it.
$(TRES): emacs.rc
$(RC) $(RC_OUT)$(BLD)/emacs.res $(ALL_DEPS)
$(TRES): emacs.rc $(BLD)
$(RC) $(RC_OUT)$(BLD)/emacs.res $<
runemacs: $(BLD) $(BLD)/runemacs.exe
$(BLD)/runemacs.exe: $(BLD)/runemacs.$(O) $(TRES)
......@@ -67,12 +67,14 @@ $(BLD)/runemacs.exe: $(BLD)/runemacs.$(O) $(TRES)
@echo Using $(THE_SHELL) as shell.
$(BLD)/addpm.$(O) $(BLD)/ddeclient.$(O) $(BLD)/runemacs.$(O) $(BLD)/cmdproxy.$(O) $(BLD)/addsection.$(O) $(BLD)/preprep.$(O): $(BLD)
# Build emacs
all: which-sh $(BLD) $(ALL) maybe-bootstrap all-other-dirs-$(MAKETYPE)
all-other-dirs-nmake: addsection
cd ..\lib-src
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) all
cd ..\src
......@@ -83,7 +85,7 @@ all-other-dirs-nmake:
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) all
cd ..\nt
all-other-dirs-gmake: addsection
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) -C ../lib-src all
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) -C ../src all
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) -C ../lisp all
......@@ -129,7 +131,7 @@ maybe-bootstrap-SH: doit
bootstrap: addsection bootstrap-$(MAKETYPE) all
bootstrap-nmake: addsection
cd ..\lisp
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) bootstrap-clean
cd ..\src
......@@ -145,7 +147,7 @@ bootstrap-nmake:
cd ..\nt
bootstrap-gmake: addsection
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) -C ../lisp bootstrap-clean
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) -C ../src clean
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) -C ../lib-src clean
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