Commit 32f532b7 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(Fdefalias): Call Ffset instead of duplicating code.

parent 9fcc68f7
......@@ -693,17 +693,7 @@ Associates the function with the current load file, if any.")
(symbol, definition)
register Lisp_Object symbol, definition;
CHECK_SYMBOL (symbol, 0);
if (!NILP (Vautoload_queue) && !EQ (XSYMBOL (symbol)->function, Qunbound))
Vautoload_queue = Fcons (Fcons (symbol, XSYMBOL (symbol)->function),
XSYMBOL (symbol)->function = definition;
/* Handle automatic advice activation */
if (CONSP (XSYMBOL (symbol)->plist) && !NILP (Fget (symbol, Qad_advice_info)))
call2 (Qad_activate, symbol, Qnil);
definition = XSYMBOL (symbol)->function;
definition = Ffset (symbol, definition);
return definition;
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