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Some lisp/emacs-lisp/ Features and Where They Are Documented
Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
* Status Key
- -- as yet unknown
n/a -- not applicable (internal, uninteresting, etc)
todo -- not documented but should be
"NODE" -- documented in or under info node NODE
* Features
advice -
advice-preload n/a
assoc -
authors -
autoload -
backquote n/a
benchmark -
bindat "(elisp) Byte Packing"
byte-compile -
byte-opt -
bytecomp -
checkdoc -
cl "(cl)"
cl-19 n/a
cl-compat n/a
cl-specs n/a
copyright -
crm -
cust-print -
debug -
derived -
disass -
easy-mmode -
easymenu -
edebug -
eldoc -
elint -
elp -
ewoc "(elisp) Separated Rendering"
find-func -
find-gc -
generic -
gulp n/a
helper -
levents -
lisp-float-type -
lisp-mnt -
lisp-mode -
lmenu -
lselect -
lucid -
macroexp -
pp -
re-builder -
regexp-opt -
regi -
ring "(elisp) Rings"
rx -
shadow -
sregex -
syntax -
testcover -
timer -
tq "(elisp) Transaction Queues"
trace -
unsafep -
warnings -
* Above list created using default directory lisp/emacs-lisp/ with
"sed '/^(provide '\\''/!d;s// /;s/).*//' *.el | sort | uniq")
* How to use this file to improve Emacs
(let* ((feature (choose-one Features))
(status (feature-status feature)))
(if (or (eq '- status) (not (verify status)))
(update feature (current-docs feature))
(case status
(todo (let (doc patch feedback)
(while (not (grok feature))
(or (play-with feature)
(grep feature Internet)
(grep feature (wisdom-maybe "emacs-devel"))))
(setq doc (write-documentation feature)
patch (diff (current-docs) doc))
(while (not (and (correct doc)
(well-placed doc)
(well-formed patch)))
(setq doc (revise doc)
patch (diff (current-docs) doc))
feedback (wisdom-maybe "emacs-devel" patch))
(when (install patch)
(when (update feature (current-docs feature))
(job-well-done user-login-name)))))
(n/a (job-well-done user-login-name))))))
* Etc
Local variables:
mode: outline
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