Commit 331345ba authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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Add ascii-case-table and with-case-table.

parent 45948ea1
......@@ -4045,6 +4045,12 @@ inside timer functions and `post-command-hook' functions.
This combines `defalias' and `make-obsolete'.
*** New macro `with-case-table'
This executes the body with the case table temporarily set to a given
case table.
*** New function `unsafep' determines whether a Lisp form is safe.
......@@ -5844,6 +5850,12 @@ to examine a file being visited and deduce the proper coding system
for it. (If the coding system is detected incorrectly for a specific
file, you can put a `coding:' tags to override it.)
*** The new variable `ascii-case-table' stores the case table for the
ascii character set. Language environments (such as Turkish) may
alter the case correspondences of ASCII characters. This variable
saves the original ASCII case table before any such changes.
*** The new function `merge-coding-systems' fills in unspecified aspects
of one coding system from another coding system.
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