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......@@ -8,6 +8,499 @@ See the end of the file for license conditions.
Please send Org bug reports to
* Version 9.1
** Incompatible changes
*** Variables relative to clocksum duration are obsolete
~org-time-clocksum-format~, ~org-time-clocksum-use-fractional~ and
~org-time-clocksum-fractional-format~ are obsolete. If you changed
them, consider modifying ~org-duration-format~ instead.
Variable ~org-time-clocksum-use-effort-durations~ is also obsolete.
Consider setting ~org-duration-units~ instead.
*** ~org-at-timestamp-p~ optional argument accepts different values
See docstrings for the allowed values. For backward compatibility,
~(org-at-timestamp-p t)~ is still supported, but should be updated
*** ~org-capture-templates~ no longer accepts S-expressions as file names
Since functions are allowed there, a straightforward way to migrate
is to turn, e.g.,
: (file (sexp))
: (file (lambda () (sexp)))
*** Deleted contributed packages
=org-ebib.el, =org-bullets.el= and =org-mime.el= have been deleted
from the contrib/ directory.
You can now find them here :
*** Change ~org-texinfo-classes~ value
The value cannot support functions to create sectionning commands
anymore. Also, the sectionning commands should include commands for
appendices. See the docstring for more information.
*** Removal of ~:sitemap-sans-extension~
The publishing property is no longer recognized, as a consequence of
changes to site-map generation.
You can get the same functionality by setting ~:sitemap-format-entry~
to the following
#+BEGIN_SRC elisp
(lambda (entry style project)
(cond ((not (directory-name-p entry))
(format "[[file:%s][%s]]"
(file-name-sans-extension entry)
(org-publish-find-title entry project)))
((eq style 'tree) (file-name-nondirectory (directory-file-name entry)))
(t entry)))
*** Change signature for ~:sitemap-function~
~:sitemap-function~ now expects to be called with two arguments. See
~org-publish-project-alist~ for details.
*** Change signature for some properties in ~org-list-to-generic~
~:istart~, ~:icount~, ~:iend~ and ~:isep~ now expect the type of the
list as their first argument.
*** Change signature for ~org-get-repeater~
The optional argument is now a string to extract the repeater from.
See docstring for details.
*** Change signature for ~org-time-string-to-time~
See docstring for changes.
*** Change order of items in ~org-agenda-time-grid~
~org-agenda-time-grid~ gained an extra item to allow users to customize
the string displayed after times in the agenda. See docstring for
*** ~tags-todo~ custom searches now include DONE keywords
Use "/!" markup when filtering TODO keywords to get only not-done TODO
*** ~org-split-string~ returns ~("")~ when called on an empty string
It used to return nil.
*** Removal of =ob-scala.el=
See [[][this github issue]].
You can use =ob-scala.el= as packaged in scala-mode, available from the
MELPA repository.
** New features
*** iCalendar export uses inheritance for TIMEZONE and LOCATION properties
Both these properties can be inherited during iCalendar export,
depending on the value of ~org-use-property-inheritance~.
*** iCalendar export respects a TIMEZONE property
Set the TIMEZONE property on an entry to specify a time zone for that
entry only during iCalendar export. The property value should be
specified as in "Europe/London".
*** ~org-attach~ can move directory contents
When setting a new directory for an entry, org-attach offers to move
files over from the old directory. Using a prefix arg will reset the
directory to old, ID based one.
*** New Org duration library
This new library implements tools to read and print time durations in
various formats (e.g., "H:MM", or "1d 2h 3min"...).
See ~org-duration-to-minutes~ and ~org-duration-from-minutes~
*** Agenda
**** New variable : ~org-agenda-show-future-repeats~
**** New variable : ~org-agenda-prefer-last-repeat~
**** New variable : ~org-deadline-past-days~
See docstring for details.
**** Binding C-c C-x < for ~org-agenda-set-restriction-lock-from-agenda~
**** New auto-align default setting for =org-agenda-tags-column=
=org-agenda-tags-column= can now be set to =auto=, which will
automatically align tags to the right edge of the window. This is now
the default setting.
*** New value for ~org-publish-sitemap-sort-folders~
The new ~ignore~ value effectively allows toggling inclusion of
directories in published site-maps.
*** Babel
**** Scheme: support for tables
**** Scheme: new variable: ~org-babel-scheme-null-to~
This new custom option allows to use a empty list or null symbol to
format the table output, initially assigned to ~hlines~.
**** Scheme: new header ~:prologue~
A new block code header has been created for Org Babel that enables
developers to prepend code to the scheme block being processed.
Multiple ~:prologue~ headers can be added each of them using a string
with the content to be added.
The scheme blocks are prepared by surronding the code in the block
with a let form. The content of the ~:prologue~ headers are prepended
before this let form.
**** Support for hledger accounting reports added
**** Clojure: new setting ~org-babel-clojure-sync-nrepl-timeout~
Creation of a new setting to specify the Cider timeout. By setting
the =org-babel-clojure-sync-nrepl-timeout= setting option. The value
is in seconds and if set to =nil= then no timeout will occur.
**** Clojure: new header ~:show-process~
A new block code header has been created for Org Babel that enables
developers to output the process of an ongoing process into a new
You can tell Org Babel to output the process of a running code block.
To show that output you only have to specify the =:show-process=
option in the code block's header like this:
,#+BEGIN_SRC clojure :results output :show-process t
(dotimes [n 10]
(println n ".")
(Thread/sleep 500))
If =:show-process= is specified that way, then when you will run the
code using =C-c C-c= a new window will open in Emacs. Everything that
is output by the REPL will immediately be added to that new window.
When the processing of the code is finished, then the window and its
buffer will be closed and the results will be reported in the
=#+RESULTS= section.
Note that the =:results= parameter's behavior is *not* changed. If
=silent= is specified, then no result will be displayed. If =output=
is specified then all the output from the window will appears in the
results section. If =value= is specified, then only the last returned
value of the code will be displayed in the results section.
**** Maxima: new headers ~:prologue~ and ~:epilogue~
Babel options ~:prologue~ and ~:epilogue~ have been implemented for
Maxima src blocks which prepend and append, respectively, the given
code strings. This can be useful for specifying formatting settings
which would add clutter to exported code. For instance, you can use
this ~:prologue "fpprintprec: 2; linel: 50;"~ for presenting Maxima
results in a beamer presentation.
**** PlantUML: add support for header arguments
[[][Plantuml]] source blocks now support the [[][~:prologue~]], [[][~:epilogue~]] and
[[][~:var~]] header arguments.
**** SQL: new engine added ~sqsh~
A new engine was added to support ~sqsh~ command line utility for use
against Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase SQL server.
More information on ~sqsh~ can be found here: [[][sourceforge/sqsh]]
To use ~sqsh~ in an *sql* =SRC_BLK= set the =:engine= like this:
,#+BEGIN_SRC sql :engine sqsh :dbhost my_host :dbuser master :dbpassword pass :database support
Select * From Users
Where clue > 0
**** SQL: new engine added =vertica=
A new engine was added to support vsql command line utility for use
against HP Vertica.
More information on =vsql= can be found here: [[][]]
To use =vertica= in an sql =SRC_BLK= set the =:engine= like this:
,#+BEGIN_SRC sql :engine vertica :dbhost my_host :dbuser dbadmin :dbpassword pw :database vmart
SELECT * FROM nodes;
**** C++: New header ~:namespaces~
The new ~:namespaces~ export option can be used to specify namespaces
to be used within a C++ org source block. Its usage is similar to
~:includes~, in that it can accept multiple, space-separated
namespaces to use. This header is equivalent to adding ~using
namespace <name>;~ in the source block. Here is a "Hello World" in C++
using ~:namespaces~:
,#+BEGIN_SRC C++ :results output :namespaces std :includes <iostream>
cout << "Hello World" << endl;
**** Support for Vala language
[[][Vala]] language blocks support two special header arguments:
- ~:flags~ passes arguments to the compiler
- ~:cmdline~ passes commandline arguments to the generated executable
Support for [[][~:var~]] does not exist yet, also there is no [[][~:session~]]
support because Vala is a compiled language.
The Vala compiler binary can be changed via the ~defcustom~
*** New ~function~ scope argument for the Clock Table
Added a nullary function that returns a list of files as a possible
argument for the scope of the clock table.
*** Export
**** Implement vernacular table of contents in Markdown exporter
Global table of contents are generated using vanilla Markdown syntax
instead of HTML. Also #+TOC keyword, including local table of
contents, are now supported.
**** Add Slovanian translations
**** Implement ~org-export-insert-image-links~
This new function is meant to be used in back-ends supporting images
as descriptions of links, a.k.a. image links. See its docstring for
**** New macro : ~{{{n}}}~
This macro creates and increment multiple counters in a document. See
manual for details.
**** Add global macros through ~org-export-global-macros~
With this variable, one can define macros available for all documents.
**** New keyword ~#+EXPORT_FILE_NAME~
Similarly to ~:EXPORT_FILE_NAME:~ property, this keyword allows the
user to specify the name of the output file upon exporting the
document. This also has an effect on publishing.
**** Horizontal rules are no longer ignored in LaTeX table math mode
**** Use ~compilation-mode~ for compilation output
**** Plain lists accept a new ~:separator~ attribute in Texinfo
The new ~:separator~ attribute splits a tag from a description list
item into multiple parts. This allows to have two-column tables with
multiple entries in the first column. See manual for more details.
**** ~latex-environment~ elements support ~caption~ keywords for LaTeX export
*** ~org-edit-special~ can edit LaTeX environments
Using ~C-c '~ on a LaTeX environment opens a sub-editing buffer. By
default, major mode in that buffer is ~latex-mode~, but it can be
changed by configuring ~org-src-lang-modes~.
*** ~org-list-to-generic~ includes a new property: ~:ifmt~
~:ifmt~ is a function to be called on the body of each item. See
~org-list-to-generic~ documentation for details.
*** New variable : ~org-bibtex-headline-format-function~
This allow to use a different title than entry title.
*** ~org-attach~ supports attaching files from URLs
Using ~C-c C-a u~ prompts for a URL pointing to a file to be attached
to the document.
*** New option for ~org-refile-use-outline-path~
~org-refile-use-outline-path~ now supports the setting ~buffer-name~,
which causes refile targets to be prefixed with the buffer’s
name. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with
*** ~org-file-contents~ now allows the FILE argument to be a URL.
This allows ~#+SETUPFILE:~ to accept a URL instead of a local file
path. The URL contents are auto-downloaded and saved to a temporary
cache ~org--file-cache~. A new optional argument ~NOCACHE~ is added
to ~org-file-contents~.
*** ~org-mode-restart~ now resets the newly added ~org--file-cache~.
Using ~C-c C-c~ on any keyword (like ~#+SETUPFILE~) will reset the
that file cache.
*** New option : ~org-table-duration-hour-zero-padding~
This variable allow computed durations in tables to be zero-padded.
*** New mode switch for table formulas : =U=
This mode omits seconds in durations.
** Removed functions
*** Org Timeline
This feature has been removed. Use a custom agenda view, possibly
narrowed to current buffer to achieve a similar functionality.
*** ~org-agenda-skip-entry-when-regexp-matches~ is obsolete
Use ~org-agenda-skip-if~ instead.
*** ~org-agenda-skip-subtree-when-regexp-matches~ is obsolete
Use ~org-agenda-skip-if~ instead.
*** ~org-agenda-skip-entry-when-regexp-matches-in-subtree~ is obsolete
Use ~org-agenda-skip-if~ instead.
*** ~org-minutes-to-clocksum-string~ is obsolete
Use ~org-duration-from-minutes~ instead.
*** ~org-hh:mm-string-to-minutes~ is obsolete
Use ~org-duration-to-minutes~ instead.
*** ~org-duration-string-to-minutes~ is obsolete
Use ~org-duration-to-minutes~ instead.
*** ~org-gnus-nnimap-cached-article-number~ is removed.
This function relied on ~nnimap-group-overview-filename~, which was
removed from Gnus circa September 2010.
** Removed options
*** ~org-agenda-repeating-timestamp-show-all~ is removed.
For an equivalent to a ~nil~ value, set
~org-agenda-show-future-repeats~ to nil and
~org-agenda-prefer-last-repeat~ to ~t~.
*** ~org-gnus-nnimap-query-article-no-from-file~ is removed.
This variable has no effect, as it was relying on a function that was
removed from Gnus circa September 2010.
*** ~org-usenet-links-prefer-google~ is obsolete.
Use ~org-gnus-prefer-web-links~ instead.
*** ~org-publish-sitemap-file-entry-format~ is deprecated
One can provide new ~:sitemap-format-entry~ property for a function
equivalent to the removed format string.
*** ~org-enable-table-editor~ is removed.
Setting it to a ~nil~ value broke some other features (e.g., speed
*** ~org-export-use-babel~ cannot be set to ~inline-only~
The variable is now a boolean.
*** ~org-texinfo-def-table-markup~ is obsolete
Use ~org-texinfo-table-default-markup~ instead.
** New functions
*** ~org-publish-find-property~
This function can be used as a tool to format entries in a site-map,
in addition to ~org-publish-find-title~ and ~org-publish-find-date~.
*** ~org-list-to-org~
It is the reciprocal of ~org-list-to-lisp~, which see.
*** ~org-agenda-set-restriction-lock-from-agenda~
Call ~org-agenda-set-restriction-lock~ from the agenda.
** Miscellaneous
*** The Library of Babel now on Worg
The used to be accessible from the =doc/=
directory, distributed with Org’s core. It is now accessible
from the Worg community-driven documentation [[][here]].
If you want to contribute to it, please see [[][how to contribute]].
*** Allow multiple columns view
Columns view is not limited to a single buffer anymore.
*** Org Attach obeys ~dired-dwim-target~
When a Dired buffer is opened next to the Org document being edited,
the prompt for file to attach can start in the Dired buffer's
directory if `dired-dwim-target' in non-nil.
*** ~org-fill-paragraph~ can now fill a whole region
*** More specific anniversary descriptions
Anniversary descriptions (used in the agenda view, for instance)
include the point in time, when the anniversary appears. This is,
in its most general form, just the date of the anniversary. Or
more specific terms, like "today", "tomorrow" or "in n days" are
used to describe the time span.
This feature allows to automatically change the description of an
anniversary, depending on if it occurs in the next few days or
far away in the future.
*** Computed dates in tables appear as inactive time stamps
*** Save point before opening a file with an unknown search option
When following a file link with a search option (e.g., =::#custom-id=)
that doesn't exist in the target file, save positon before raising an
error. As a consequence, it is possible to jump back to the original
document with ~org-mark-ring-goto~ (default binding =C-c &=).
*** ~org-get-heading~ accepts two more optional arguments
See docstring for details.
*** New option ~org-babel-uppercase-example-markers~
This variable is a ~defcustom~ and replaces the variable
~org-babel-capitalize-example-region-markers~, which is a ~defvar~ and
is now obselete.
*** =INCLUDE= keywords in commented trees are now ignored.
*** Default value for ~org-texinfo-text-markup-alist~ changed.
Now ~=...=~ markup uses ~@samp{}~ instead of ~@verb{}~. You can use
~@verb{}~ again by customizing the variable.
*** Texinfo exports example blocks as ~@example~
*** Texinfo exports inline src blocks as ~@code{}~
*** Texinfo default table markup is ~@asis~
It used to be ~@samp~ but ~@asis~ is neutral and, therefore, more
suitable as a default value.
*** Texinfo default process includes ~--no-split~ option
*** New entities : ~\dollar~ and ~\USD~
*** ~org-parse-time-string~ accepts a new optional argument
=ZONE= specifies the current time zone.
*** ~org-time-string-to-seconds~ now accepts an optional =ZONE= argument
*** Support for date style URLs in =org-protocol://open-source=
URLs like = are
covered by rewrite rules.
*** Add (C) =COMMENT= support to ~org-structure-template-alist~
* Version 9.0
** Incompatible changes
% Reference Card for Org Mode
\def\versionyear{2017} % latest update
\input emacsver.tex
......@@ -46,6 +46,19 @@
(defvar org-babel-default-header-args:C '())
(defconst org-babel-header-args:C '((includes . :any)
(defines . :any)
(main . :any)
(flags . :any)
(cmdline . :any)
(libs . :any))
"C/C++-specific header arguments.")
(defconst org-babel-header-args:C++
(append '((namespaces . :any))
"C++-specific header arguments.")
(defcustom org-babel-C-compiler "gcc"
"Command used to compile a C source code file into an executable.
May be either a command in the path, like gcc
......@@ -196,15 +209,18 @@ its header arguments."
(colnames (cdr (assq :colname-names params)))
(main-p (not (string= (cdr (assq :main params)) "no")))
(includes (org-babel-read
(or (cdr (assq :includes params))
(org-entry-get nil "includes" t))
(cdr (assq :includes params))
(defines (org-babel-read
(or (cdr (assq :defines params))
(org-entry-get nil "defines" t))
(cdr (assq :defines params))
(namespaces (org-babel-read
(cdr (assq :namespaces params))
(when (stringp includes)
(setq includes (split-string includes)))
(when (stringp namespaces)
(setq namespaces (split-string namespaces)))
(when (stringp defines)
(let ((y nil)
(result (list t)))
......@@ -224,6 +240,11 @@ its header arguments."
(lambda (inc) (format "#define %s" inc))
(if (listp defines) defines (list defines)) "\n")
;; namespaces
(lambda (inc) (format "using namespace %s;" inc))
;; variables
(mapconcat 'org-babel-C-var-to-C vars "\n")
;; table sizes
......@@ -159,10 +159,10 @@ This function is called by `org-babel-execute-src-block'."
(result-type (cdr (assq :result-type params)))
(session (org-babel-R-initiate-session
(cdr (assq :session params)) params))
(colnames-p (cdr (assq :colnames params)))
(rownames-p (cdr (assq :rownames params)))
(graphics-file (and (member "graphics" (assq :result-params params))
(org-babel-graphical-output-file params)))
(colnames-p (unless graphics-file (cdr (assq :colnames params))))
(rownames-p (unless graphics-file (cdr (assq :rownames params))))
(let ((inside
(list (org-babel-expand-body:R body params graphics-file))))
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
;; Copyright (C) 2009-2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Joel Boehland, Eric Schulte, Oleh Krehel
;; Author: Joel Boehland, Eric Schulte, Oleh Krehel, Frederick Giasson
;; Keywords: literate programming, reproducible research
;; Homepage:
......@@ -43,19 +43,34 @@
(require 'ob)
(declare-function cider-current-connection "ext:cider-client" (&optional type))
(declare-function cider-current-session "ext:cider-client" ())
(declare-function cider-current-ns "ext:cider-client" ())
(declare-function nrepl--merge "ext:nrepl-client" (dict1 dict2))
(declare-function nrepl-dict-get "ext:nrepl-client" (dict key))
(declare-function nrepl-dict-put "ext:nrepl-client" (dict key value))
(declare-function nrepl-request:eval "ext:nrepl-client"
(input callback connection &optional session ns line column additional-params))
(declare-function nrepl-sync-request:eval "ext:nrepl-client"
(input connection session &optional ns))
(declare-function org-trim "org" (s &optional keep-lead))
(declare-function slime-eval "ext:slime" (sexp &optional package))
(defvar nrepl-sync-request-timeout)
(defvar org-babel-tangle-lang-exts)
(add-to-list 'org-babel-tangle-lang-exts '("clojure" . "clj"))
(defvar org-babel-default-header-args:clojure '())
(defvar org-babel-header-args:clojure '((package . :any)))
(defcustom org-babel-clojure-sync-nrepl-timeout 10
"Timeout value, in seconds, of a Clojure sync call.
If the value is nil, timeout is disabled."
:group 'org-babel
:type 'integer
:version "26.1"
:package-version '(Org . "9.1")
:safe #'wholenump)
(defcustom org-babel-clojure-backend
(cond ((featurep 'cider) 'cider)
(t 'slime))
......@@ -84,21 +99,86 @@
(defun org-babel-execute:clojure (body params)
"Execute a block of Clojure code with Babel."
"Execute a block of Clojure code with Babel.
The underlying process performed by the code block can be output
using the :show-process parameter."
(let ((expanded (org-babel-expand-body:clojure body params))