Commit 3354fdcf authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Comment change.

parent b2b5455d
......@@ -10233,10 +10233,12 @@ redisplay_window (window, just_this_one_p)
else if ((w != XWINDOW (minibuf_window)
|| minibuf_level == 0)
/* Quail displays non-mini buffers in minibuffer window.
In that case, redisplay the window normally. */
&& !NILP (Fmemq (w->buffer, Vminibuffer_list)))
/* W is a mini-buffer window, but it's not the currently
active one, so clear it. */
/* W is a mini-buffer window, but it's not active, so clear
it. */
int yb = window_text_bottom_y (w);
struct glyph_row *row;
int y;
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