Commit 336d2ce2 authored by Bastien Guerry's avatar Bastien Guerry
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* xresources.texi (GTK resources): Fix broken link.

Thanks to Mariano Street for reporting this and suggesting
the correct link.
parent f0e19dc1
2013-02-27 Bastien Guerry <>
* xresources.texi (GTK resources): Fix broken link.
2013-02-22 Glenn Morris <>
* ack.texi (Acknowledgments):
......@@ -507,7 +507,7 @@ those are governed by normal X resources (@pxref{Resources}).
The following sections describe how to customize GTK+ resources for
Emacs. For details about GTK+ resources, see the GTK+ API document at
In GTK+ version 3, GTK+ resources have been replaced by a completely
different system. The appearance of GTK+ widgets is now determined by
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