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Document problems with LessTif.

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......@@ -51,6 +51,30 @@ This currently doesn't work with scroll-bar widgets (and we don't know
a good way of implementing it with widgets). If Emacs is configured
--without-toolkit-scroll-bars, C-mouse-2 on the scroll bar does work.
* Problems in Emacs built with LessTif.
The problems seem to depend on the version of LessTif and the Motif
emulation for which it is set up.
To the best of our knowledge, only the Motif 1.2 emulation seemed to
be stable enough in LessTif. Lesstif 0.92-17's Motif 1.2 emulation
seems to work okay on FreeBSD. On GNU/Linux systems, lesstif-0.92.6
configured with "./configure --enable-build-12 --enable-default-12" is
reported to be the most successful. By contrast,
lesstif-0.92.0-1.i386.rpm was reported to have problems with menu
placement, and should probably be avoided.
On some systems, even with Motif 1.2 emulation, Emacs occasionally
locks up, grabbing all mouse and keyboard events. The mouse still
moves, but will not go outside of the Emacs window (so you can't get
it over the frame title barm, for instance). None of the menus are
responsive. In addition, the keyboard will not respond. Keypresses
are totally ignored, including Ctrl-Alt-F1 to Ctrl-Alt-F6. This means
you can not even get to the virtual console.
We still don't know what causes these problems; they are not
reproducible on some systems, notably those used by Emacs developers.
* Some accented ISO-8859-1 characters or umlauts are displayed as | or _.
Try other font set sizes (S-mouse-1). If the problem persists with
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