Commit 33ba5485 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(comint-exec-1): Setup coding systems appropriately.

parent 85f7387f
......@@ -681,8 +681,28 @@ buffer. The hook `comint-exec-hook' is run after each exec."
(if (file-accessible-directory-p default-directory)
(char-to-string directory-sep-char))))
(apply 'start-process name buffer command switches)))
(char-to-string directory-sep-char)))
proc decoding encoding changed)
(setq proc (apply 'start-process name buffer command switches))
(let ((coding-systems (process-coding-system proc)))
(setq decoding (car coding-systems)
encoding (cdr coding-systems)))
;; If start-process decided to use some coding system for decoding
;; data sent form the process and the coding system doesn't
;; specify EOL conversion, we had better convert CRLF to LF.
(if (vectorp (coding-system-eol-type decoding))
(setq decoding (coding-system-change-eol-conversion decoding 'dos)
changed t))
;; Even if start-process left the coding system for encoding data
;; sent from the process undecided, we had better use the same one
;; as what we use for decoding. But, we should suppress EOL
;; conversion.
(if (and decoding (not encoding))
(setq encoding (coding-system-change-eol-conversion decoding 'unix)
changed t))
(if changed
(set-process-coding-system proc decoding encoding))
;; Input history processing in a buffer
;; ===========================================================================
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