Commit 33d6250a authored by Aaron Conole's avatar Aaron Conole Committed by Lars Ingebrigtsen
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Call va_end in boot_error

* src/gnutls.c (boot_error): A recent change added a function
to signal an error or return an error code. That function uses
a variadic argument list to populate an error message
string. However, it missed calling va_end after using the
variadic argument list.

  Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
parent 4639bc99
......@@ -1181,6 +1181,7 @@ boot_error (struct Lisp_Process *p, const char *m, ...)
pset_status (p, list2 (Qfailed, vformat_string (m, ap)));
verror (m, ap);
va_end (ap);
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