Commit 33d7d0df authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(syms_of_textprop): Doc fix.

(Fset_text_properties): Don't let validate_interval_range
increment START and END twice.
parent deec9e74
......@@ -892,6 +892,10 @@ is the string or buffer containing the text.")
register INTERVAL i, unchanged;
register INTERVAL prev_changed = NULL_INTERVAL;
register int s, len;
Lisp_Object ostart, oend;
ostart = start;
oend = end;
props = validate_plist (props);
......@@ -905,6 +909,11 @@ is the string or buffer containing the text.")
if (NILP (props))
return Qnil;
/* Restore the original START and END values
because validate_interval_range increments them for strings. */
start = ostart;
end = oend;
i = validate_interval_range (object, &start, &end, hard);
/* This can return if start == end. */
......@@ -1326,8 +1335,8 @@ void
syms_of_textprop ()
DEFVAR_LISP ("inhibit-point-motion-hooks", &Vinhibit_point_motion_hooks,
"If non-nil, don't call the text property values of\n\
`point-left' and `point-entered'.");
"If non-nil, don't run `point-left' and `point-entered' text properties.\n\
This also inhibits the use of the `intangible' text property.");
Vinhibit_point_motion_hooks = Qnil;
/* Common attributes one might give text */
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