Commit 33e40ce7 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(w32_initialize) Manually sync 2006-06-05 change from HEAD.

parent 3e199297
......@@ -6511,29 +6511,20 @@ w32_initialize ()
AttachThreadInput (dwMainThreadId, dwWindowsThreadId, TRUE);
/* Dynamically link to optional system components. */
/* Dynamically link to optional system components. */
HANDLE user_lib = LoadLibrary ("user32.dll");
HANDLE gdi_lib = LoadLibrary ("gdi32.dll");
UINT smoothing_type;
BOOL smoothing_enabled;
#define LOAD_PROC(lib, fn) pfn##fn = (void *) GetProcAddress (lib, #fn)
/* New proportional scroll bar functions. */
LOAD_PROC (user_lib, SetScrollInfo);
LOAD_PROC (user_lib, GetScrollInfo);
LOAD_PROC (gdi_lib, GetFontUnicodeRanges);
#undef LOAD_PROC
FreeLibrary (user_lib);
FreeLibrary (gdi_lib);
/* If using proportional scroll bars, ensure handle is at least 5 pixels;
otherwise use the fixed height. */
vertical_scroll_bar_min_handle = (pfnSetScrollInfo != NULL) ? 5 :
GetSystemMetrics (SM_CYVTHUMB);
/* Ensure scrollbar handle is at least 5 pixels. */
vertical_scroll_bar_min_handle = 5;
/* For either kind of scroll bar, take account of the arrows; these
effectively form the border of the main scroll bar range. */
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