Commit 33ea6c4d authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(compute_line_metrics): On ttys, subtract continuation

glyphs and truncation glyphs at the end of a row from its pixel
(dump_glyph_row): Print row's continuation_lines_width.
(try_window_id): Take the shortcut if ZV is visible in the
window, but there are actually no changes at ZV.
parent 55d3737d
......@@ -11260,12 +11260,14 @@ try_window_id (w)
/* Handle the case that changes are all below what is displayed in
the window, and that PT is in the window. This short cut cannot
the window, and that PT is in the window. This shortcut cannot
be taken if ZV is visible in the window, and text has been added
there that is visible in the window. */
if (first_changed_charpos >= MATRIX_ROW_END_CHARPOS (row)
/* ZV is not visible in the window. */
&& current_matrix->zv > MATRIX_ROW_END_CHARPOS (row))
/* ZV is not visible in the window, or there are no
changes at ZV, actually. */
&& (current_matrix->zv > MATRIX_ROW_END_CHARPOS (row)
|| first_changed_charpos == last_changed_charpos))
struct glyph_row *r0;
......@@ -11420,7 +11422,7 @@ try_window_id (w)
#endif /* GLYPH_DEBUG != 0 */
/* Display new lines. Set last_text_row to the last new line
displayed which has text on it, i.e. might end up as being the
line where the window_end_vpos is. */
......@@ -11904,7 +11906,7 @@ dump_glyph_row (matrix, vpos, glyphs)
fprintf (stderr, "=======================================================================\n");
fprintf (stderr, "%3d %5d %5d %4d %1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d\
%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d\n",
%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d\n",
row - matrix->rows,
......@@ -11930,8 +11932,9 @@ dump_glyph_row (matrix, vpos, glyphs)
fprintf (stderr, "%9d %5d\n", row->start.overlay_string_index,
fprintf (stderr, "%9d %5d\t%5d\n", row->start.overlay_string_index,
fprintf (stderr, "%9d %5d\n",
CHARPOS (row->start.string_pos),
CHARPOS (row->end.string_pos));
......@@ -12261,6 +12264,10 @@ compute_line_metrics (it)
row->pixel_width = row->used[TEXT_AREA];
if (row->continued_p)
row->pixel_width -= it->continuation_pixel_width;
else if (row->truncated_on_right_p)
row->pixel_width -= it->truncation_pixel_width;
row->ascent = row->phys_ascent = 0;
row->height = row->phys_height = row->visible_height = 1;
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