Commit 33f268ec authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(lisp-indent-region): Set endmark before indenting first line.

(indent-sexp): Fixes for ENDPOS != nil case--use nil
as starting-point, and don't insist on a complete sexp.
parent e1fd0a89
......@@ -523,11 +523,17 @@ ENDPOS is encountered."
(let ((indent-stack (list nil))
(next-depth 0)
(starting-point (point))
;; If ENDPOS is non-nil, use nil as STARTING-POINT
;; so that calculate-lisp-indent will find the beginning of
;; the defun we are in.
;; If ENDPOS is nil, it is safe not to scan before point
;; since every line we indent is more deeply nested than point is.
(starting-point (if endpos nil (point)))
(last-point (point))
last-depth bol outer-loop-done inner-loop-done state this-indent)
;; Get error now if we don't have a complete sexp after point.
(save-excursion (forward-sexp 1))
(or endpos
;; Get error now if we don't have a complete sexp after point.
(save-excursion (forward-sexp 1)))
(setq outer-loop-done nil)
(while (if endpos (< (point) endpos)
......@@ -568,7 +574,7 @@ ENDPOS is encountered."
(make-list (- next-depth) nil))
last-depth (- last-depth next-depth)
next-depth 0)))
(or outer-loop-done
(or outer-loop-done endpos
(setq outer-loop-done (<= next-depth 0)))
(if outer-loop-done
(forward-line 1)
......@@ -608,10 +614,10 @@ ENDPOS is encountered."
;; Indent every line whose first char is between START and END inclusive.
(defun lisp-indent-region (start end)
(goto-char start)
(and (bolp) (not (eolp))
(let ((endmark (copy-marker end)))
(goto-char start)
(and (bolp) (not (eolp))
(indent-sexp endmark)
(set-marker endmark nil))))
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