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* doc/misc/semantic.texi (Parser code, Tag handling)
(Semanticdb Internals, Analyzer Internals, Tools): Fix file
names according to what was actually imported from the
original CEDET.  (Bug#38451)
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......@@ -232,7 +232,9 @@ to learn more about how @semantic{} works.
* Semanticdb Internals:: Code used in the semantic database
* Analyzer Internals:: Code used in the code analyzer
* Tools:: Code used in user tools
* Tests:: Code used for testing
@end ignore
@end menu
@node Parser code
......@@ -246,44 +248,39 @@ The core infrastructure sets up buffers for parsing, and has all the
core parsing routines. Most parsing routines are overloadable, so the
actual implementation may be somewhere else.
@item semantic-edit.el
@item semantic/edit.el
Incremental reparse based on user edits.
@item semantic-grammar.el
@item semantic/grammar.el
@itemx semantic-grammar.wy
Parser for the different grammar languages, and a major mode for
editing grammars in Emacs.
@item semantic-lex.el
@item semantic/lex.el
Infrastructure for implementing lexical analyzers. Provides macros
for creating individual analyzers for specific features, and a way to
combine them together.
@item semantic-lex-spp.el
@item semantic/lex-spp.el
Infrastructure for a lexical symbolic preprocessor. This was written
to implement the C preprocessor, but could be used for other lexical
@item bovine/bovine-grammar.el
@itemx bovine/bovine-grammar-macros.el
@itemx bovine/semantic-bovine.el
@item semantic/grammar.el
@itemx semantic/bovine/grammar.el
The ``bovine'' grammar. This is the first grammar mode written for
@semantic{} and is useful for simple creating simple parsers.
@item wisent/wisent.el
@itemx wisent/bison-wisent.el
@itemx wisent/semantic-wisent.el
@itemx wisent/semantic-debug-grammar.el
@item semantic/wisent.el
@itemx semantic/wisent/wisent.el
@itemx semantic/wisent/grammar.el
A port of bison to Emacs. This infrastructure lets you create LALR
based parsers for @semantic{}.
@item semantic-ast.el
Manage Abstract Syntax Trees for parsers.
@item semantic-debug.el
@item semantic/debug.el
Infrastructure for debugging grammars.
@item semantic-util.el
@item semantic/util.el
Various utilities for manipulating tags, such as describing the tag
under point, adding labels, and the all important
......@@ -298,42 +295,42 @@ function or variable. Tag handling is handled in several source
@table @file
@item semantic-tag.el
@item semantic/tag.el
Basic tag creation, queries, cloning, binding, and unbinding.
@item semantic-tag-write.el
@item semantic/tag-write.el
Write a tag or tag list to a stream. These routines are used by
@file{semanticdb-file.el} when saving a list of tags.
@item semantic-tag-file.el
@item semantic/tag-file.el
Files associated with tags. Goto-tag, file for include, and file for
a prototype.
@item semantic-tag-ls.el
@item semantic/tag-ls.el
Language dependent features of a tag, such as parent calculation, slot
protection, and other states like abstract, virtual, static, and leaf.
@item semantic-dep.el
@item semantic/dep.el
Include file handling. Contains the include path concepts, and
routines for looking up file names in the include path.
@item semantic-format.el
@item semantic/format.el
Convert a tag into a nicely formatted and colored string. Use
@code{semantic-test-all-format-tag-functions} to test different output
@item semantic-find.el
@item semantic/find.el
Find tags matching different conditions in a tag table.
These routines are used by @file{semanticdb-find.el} once the database
has been converted into a simpler tag table.
@item semantic-sort.el
@item semantic/sort.el
Sorting lists of tags in different ways. Includes sorting a plain
list of tags forward or backward. Includes binning tags based on
attributes (bucketize), and tag adoption for multiple references to
the same thing.
@item semantic-doc.el
@item semantic/doc.el
Capture documentation comments from near a tag.
@end table
......@@ -345,7 +342,7 @@ Capture documentation comments from near a tag.
hairy problem to try and solve.
@table @file
@item semanticdb.el
@item semantic/db.el
Defines a @dfn{database} and a @dfn{table} base class. You can
instantiate these classes, and use them, but they are not persistent.
......@@ -363,26 +360,26 @@ you have a tree of directories and source files, it can find the root,
and allow a tag-search to span all available databases in that
directory hierarchy.
@item semanticdb-file.el
@item semantic/db-file.el
Provides a subclass of the basic table so that it can be saved to
disk. Implements all the code needed to unbind/rebind tags to a
buffer and writing them to a file.
@item semanticdb-el.el
@item semantic/db-el.el
Implements a special kind of @dfn{system} database that uses Emacs
internals to perform queries.
@item semanticdb-ebrowse.el
@item semantic/db-ebrowse.el
Implements a system database that uses Ebrowse to parse files into a
table that can be queried for tag names. Successful tag hits during a
find causes @semantic{} to pick up and parse the reference files to
get the full details.
@item semanticdb-find.el
@item semantic/db-find.el
Infrastructure for searching groups @semantic{} databases, and dealing
with the search results format.
@item semanticdb-ref.el
@item semantic/db-ref.el
Tracks crossreferences. Cross references are needed when buffer is
reparsed, and must alert other tables that any dependent caches may
need to be flushed. References are in the form of include files.
......@@ -398,45 +395,45 @@ start with @code{semantic-analyze-debug-assist}, then dive into some
of these files.
@table @file
@item semantic-analyze.el
@item semantic/analyze.el
The core analyzer for defining the @dfn{current context}. The
current context is an object that contains references to aspects of
the local context including the current prefix, and a tag list
defining what the prefix means.
@item semantic-analyze-complete.el
@item semantic/analyze/complete.el
Provides @code{semantic-analyze-possible-completions}.
@item semantic-analyze-debug.el
@item semantic/analyze/debug.el
The analyzer debugger. Useful when attempting to get everything
@item semantic-analyze-fcn.el
@item semantic/analyze/fcn.el
Various support functions needed by the analyzer.
@item semantic-ctxt.el
@item semantic/ctxt.el
Local context parser. Contains overloadable functions used to move
around through different scopes, get local variables, and collect the
current prefix used when doing completion.
@item semantic-scope.el
@item semantic/scope.el
Calculate @dfn{scope} for a location in a buffer. The scope includes
local variables, and tag lists in scope for various reasons, such as
C++ using statements.
@item semanticdb-typecache.el
@item semantic/db-typecache.el
The typecache is part of @code{semanticdb}, but is used primarily by
the analyzer to look up datatypes and complex names. The typecache is
bound across source files and builds a master lookup table for data
type names.
@item semantic-ia.el
@item semantic/ia.el
Interactive Analyzer functions. Simple routines that do completion or
lookups based on the results from the Analyzer. These routines are
meant as examples for application writers, but are quite useful as
they are.
@item semantic-ia-sb.el
@item semantic/ia-sb.el
Speedbar support for the analyzer, displaying context info, and
completion lists.
......@@ -448,58 +445,49 @@ completion lists.
These files contain various tools for users.
@table @file
@item semantic-idle.el
@item semantic/idle.el
Idle scheduler for @semantic{}. Manages reparsing buffers after
edits, and large work tasks in idle time. Includes modes for showing
summary help and pop-up completion.
@item senator.el
@item semantic/senator.el
The @semantic{} navigator. Provides many ways to move through a
buffer based on the active tag table.
@item semantic-decorate.el
@item semantic/decorate.el
A minor mode for decorating tags based on details from the parser.
Includes overlines for functions, or coloring class fields based on
@item semantic-decorate-include.el
@item semantic/decorate/include.el
A decoration mode for include files, which assists users in setting up
parsing for their includes.
@item semantic-complete.el
@item semantic/complete.el
Advanced completion prompts for reading tag names in the minibuffer, or
inline in a buffer.
@item semantic-imenu.el
@item semantic/imenu.el
Imenu support for using @semantic{} tags in imenu.
@item semantic-mru-bookmark.el
@item semantic/mru-bookmark.el
Automatic bookmarking based on tags. Jump to locations you've been
before based on tag name.
@item semantic-sb.el
@item semantic/sb.el
Support for @semantic{} tag usage in Speedbar.
@item semantic-util-modes.el
@item semantic/util-modes.el
A bunch of small minor-modes that exposes aspects of the semantic
parser state. Includes @code{semantic-stickyfunc-mode}.
@item document.el
Create and update comments for tags.
@item semantic-adebug.el
Extensions of @file{data-debug.el} for @semantic{}.
@item semantic-chart.el
@item semantic/chart.el
Draw some charts from stats generated from parsing.
@item semantic-elp.el
Profiler for helping to optimize the @semantic{} analyzer.
@end table
@c These files seem to not have been imported from CEDET.
@node Tests
@section Tests
......@@ -519,6 +507,7 @@ Tests for the C parser's lexical pre-processor.
Regression tests from the older Semantic 1.x API.
@end table
@end ignore
@node Glossary
@appendix Glossary
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