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Document the new operation of the `ispell' command.

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......@@ -162,6 +162,8 @@ Check and correct spelling of the word at point (@code{ispell-word}).
@item M-@key{TAB}
Complete the word before point based on the spelling dictionary
@item M-x ispell
Spell-check the active region or the current buffer.
@item M-x ispell-buffer
Check and correct spelling of each word in the buffer.
@item M-x ispell-region
......@@ -209,6 +211,12 @@ spelling in an email message you are writing, use @kbd{M-x
ispell-message}; that checks the whole buffer, but does not check
material that is indented or appears to be cited from other messages.
@findex ispell
@cindex spell-checking the active region
The @kbd{M-x ispell} command spell-checks the active region if the
Transient Mark mode is on (@pxref{Transient Mark}), otherwise it
spell-checks the current buffer.
Each time these commands encounter an incorrect word, they ask you
what to do. They display a list of alternatives, usually including
several ``near-misses''---words that are close to the word being
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