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2005-03-06 Richard M. Stallman <>
* windows.texi (Vertical Scrolling): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
(Resizing Windows): Likewise.
* text.texi (Change Hooks): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* strings.texi (Formatting Strings): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* streams.texi (Output Variables): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* searching.texi (Regexp Special, Char Classes): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* os.texi (Translating Input): Replace flow-control example
with a less obsolete example that uses `keyboard-translate'.
* objects.texi (Hash Table Type, Circular Objects):
Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* modes.texi (Mode Line Format): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
(Mode Line Data, Properties in Mode, Header Lines): Likewise.
* minibuf.texi (Minibuffer Misc): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* lists.texi (List Elements, Building Lists): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* keymaps.texi (Menu Separators, Tool Bar): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
(Menu Bar): Fix when menu-bar-update-hook is called.
* hash.texi (Hash Tables): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* frames.texi (Text Terminal Colors): Get rid of "Emacs 21",
and make it read better.
* files.texi (Writing to Files): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
(Unique File Names): Likewise.
* elisp.texi: Update Emacs version to 22.
* display.texi (Forcing Redisplay): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
(Overlay Properties, Face Attributes): Likewise.
(Managing Overlays): Fix punctuation.
(Attribute Functions): Clarify set-face-font; get rid of
info about old Emacs versions.
(Auto Faces, Font Lookup, Display Property, Images):
Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* calendar.texi (Calendar Customizing): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
2005-03-05 Richard M. Stallman <>
* debugging.texi (Error Debugging): Remove stack-trace-on-error.
2005-03-06 Richard M. Stallman <>
* building.texi (Starting GUD): Don't explain text vs graphical
GDB here. Just mention it and xref.
Delete "just one debugger process".
(Debugger Operation): Move GUD tooltip info here.
(GUD Tooltips): Node deleted.
(GDB Graphical Interface): Explain the two GDB modes here.
* woman.texi (Introduction): Minor cleanups.
* url.texi (HTTP language/coding): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* sending.texi (Sending Mail): Minor cleanup.
(Mail Aliases): Explain quoting conventions.
Update key rebinding example.
(Header Editing): C-M-i is like M-TAB.
(Mail Mode Misc): mail-attach-file does not do MIME.
* rmail.texi (Rmail Inbox): Move text from Remote Mailboxes
that really belongs here.
(Remote Mailboxes): Text moved to Rmail Inbox.
(Rmail Display): Mention Mouse-1.
(Movemail): Clarify two movemail versions.
Clarify rmail-movemail-program.
* pcl-cvs.texi (About PCL-CVS): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
(Installation): Node deleted.
* misc.texi (Single Shell): Replace uudecode example with gpg example.
Document async shell commands.
(Shell History): Clarify.
(Shell Ring): Mention C-UP an C-DOWN.
(Shell Options): Add comint-prompt-read-only.
(Invoking emacsclient): Set EDITOR to run Emacs.
(Sorting): No need to explain what region is.
(Saving Emacs Sessions): Fix typo.
(Recursive Edit): Fix punctuation.
(Emulation): Don't mention "PC bindings" which are standard.
(Hyperlinking): Explain Mouse-1 convention here.
(Find Func): Node deleted.
* mh-e.texi (Preface): Get rid of "Emacs 21".
* help.texi (Name Help): Xref to Hyperlinking.
* glossary.texi (Glossary):
Rename "Balance Parentheses" to "Balancing...".
Add "Byte Compilation". Correct "Copyleft".
New xref in "Customization".
Clarify "Current Line", "Echoing", "Fringe", "Frame", "Speedbar".
Add "Graphical Terminal" "Keybinding", "Margin", "Window System".
Rename "Registers" to "Register".
Replace "Selecting" with "Selected Frame",
"Selected Window", and "Selecting a Buffer".
* files.texi (Types of Log File): Explain how projects'
methods can vary.
* eshell.texi (Installation): Delete node (for Emacs 20).
* display.texi (Faces): Delete "Emacs 21".
* custom.texi (Changing a Variable): C-M-i like M-TAB.
* fixit.texi (Spelling): C-M-i like M-TAB.
* mini.texi (Completion Options): C-M-i like M-TAB.
* programs.texi (Symbol Completion): C-M-i like M-TAB.
* text.texi (Text Mode): C-M-i like M-TAB.
* commands.texi (Keys): Mention F1 and F2 in list of prefixes.
* calendar.texi (Specified Dates): Mention `g w'.
(Appointments): appt-activate toggles with no arg.
2005-03-05 Thien-Thi Nguyen <>
* flymake.texi: Refill and tweak style in @lisp blocks.
......@@ -32,6 +106,10 @@
Mention additional functions.
(Algebraic Simplifications): Mention additional simplifications.
2005-02-27 Richard M. Stallman <>
* building.texi (Compilation): Update mode line status info.
2005-02-27 Matt Hodges <>
* calendar.texi (General Calendar): Document binding of
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