Commit 3446af9c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(reset_buffer_local_variables): Call

Fset_standard_case_table if std case table seems to have been changed.
parent e6905346
......@@ -481,6 +481,14 @@ reset_buffer_local_variables (b)
b->abbrev_table = Vfundamental_mode_abbrev_table;
b->mode_name = QSFundamental;
b->minor_modes = Qnil;
/* If the standard case table has been altered and invalidated,
fix up its insides first. */
if (! (CHAR_TABLE_P (XCHAR_TABLE (Vascii_downcase_table)->extras[0])
&& CHAR_TABLE_P (XCHAR_TABLE (Vascii_downcase_table)->extras[1])
&& CHAR_TABLE_P (XCHAR_TABLE (Vascii_downcase_table)->extras[2])))
Fset_standard_case_table (Vascii_downcase_table);
b->downcase_table = Vascii_downcase_table;
b->upcase_table = XCHAR_TABLE (Vascii_downcase_table)->extras[0];
b->case_canon_table = XCHAR_TABLE (Vascii_downcase_table)->extras[1];
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