Commit 345284f5 authored by Dmitry Gutov's avatar Dmitry Gutov
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Allow blink-matching-paren to jump off screen

* doc/emacs/programs.texi (Matching): Mention the
`blink-matching-paren' value `jump-offscreen'.

* lisp/simple.el (blink-matching-paren): New possible value.
(blink-matching-paren-on-screen): Clarify the docstring.
(blink-matching-open): Handle `jump-offscreen' (bug#21286).
parent 9c1e7d5a
......@@ -814,7 +814,8 @@ opening delimiter and closing delimiter are mismatched---such as in
@code{blink-matching-paren} turns the feature on or off: @code{nil}
disables it, but the default is @code{t} to enable it. Set it to
@code{jump} to make indication work by momentarily moving the cursor
to the matching opening delimiter.
to the matching opening delimiter. Set it to @code{jump-offscreen} to
make the cursor jump, even if the opening delimiter is off screen.
@code{blink-matching-delay} says how many seconds to keep indicating
......@@ -6873,17 +6873,22 @@ If called from Lisp, enable the mode if ARG is omitted or nil."
(defcustom blink-matching-paren t
"Non-nil means show matching open-paren when close-paren is inserted.
If t, highlight the paren. If `jump', move cursor to its position."
If t, highlight the paren. If `jump', briefly move cursor to its
position. If `jump-offscreen', move cursor there even if the
position is off screen. With any other non-nil value, the
off-screen position of the opening paren will be shown in the
echo area."
:type '(choice
(const :tag "Disable" nil)
(const :tag "Highlight" t)
(const :tag "Move cursor" jump))
(const :tag "Move cursor" jump)
(const :tag "Move cursor, even if off screen" jump-offscreen))
:group 'paren-blinking)
(defcustom blink-matching-paren-on-screen t
"Non-nil means show matching open-paren when it is on screen.
If nil, don't show it (but the open-paren can still be shown
when it is off screen).
in the echo area when it is off screen).
This variable has no effect if `blink-matching-paren' is nil.
\(In that case, the open-paren is never shown.)
......@@ -6987,13 +6992,15 @@ The function should return non-nil if the two tokens do not match.")
(minibuffer-message "No matching parenthesis found")
(message "No matching parenthesis found"))))
((not blinkpos) nil)
((pos-visible-in-window-p blinkpos)
(eq blink-matching-paren 'jump-offscreen)
(pos-visible-in-window-p blinkpos))
;; Matching open within window, temporarily move to or highlight
;; char after blinkpos but only if `blink-matching-paren-on-screen'
;; is non-nil.
(and blink-matching-paren-on-screen
(not show-paren-mode)
(if (eq blink-matching-paren 'jump)
(if (memq blink-matching-paren '(jump jump-offscreen))
(goto-char blinkpos)
(sit-for blink-matching-delay))
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