Commit 3460fdb7 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* print.c (print_object) [0]: Fix printf format int width.

parent 17fdb222
......@@ -1797,7 +1797,7 @@ print_object (Lisp_Object obj, register Lisp_Object printcharfun, int escapeflag
strout (SDATA (SYMBOL_NAME (h->weak)), -1, -1, printcharfun);
sprintf (buf, "%"pI"d/%"pI"d", h->count, ASIZE (h->next));
sprintf (buf, "%"pD"d/%"pD"d", h->count, ASIZE (h->next));
strout (buf, -1, -1, printcharfun);
sprintf (buf, " %p", h);
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