Commit 34663a74 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Don't set the variable in this file.
parent 360b5483
......@@ -170,10 +170,6 @@ Return a modified address list."
(setq address (mail-string-delete address (1- close) close))
(setq address (mail-string-delete address junk-beg junk-end))))
(or (and (boundp 'rmail-default-dont-reply-to-names)
(not (null rmail-default-dont-reply-to-names)))
(setq rmail-default-dont-reply-to-names "info-"))
; rmail-dont-reply-to-names is defined in loaddefs
(defun rmail-dont-reply-to (userids)
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