Commit 34c8b673 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(gud-dgux-p, gud-dguxdbx-marker-filter): New functions.

(dbx): Use them.
parent e72a4cff
......@@ -731,6 +731,57 @@ a better solution in 6.1 upwards.")
(setq result (substring result 0 (match-beginning 0))))))
(or result "")))
(defvar gud-dgux-p (string-match "-dgux" system-configuration)
"Non-nil means to assume the interface approriate for DG/UX dbx.
This was tested using R4.11.")
;; There are a couple of differences between DG's dbx output and normal
;; dbx output which make it nontrivial to integrate this into the
;; standard dbx-marker-filter (mainly, there are a different number of
;; backreferences). The markers look like:
;; (0) Stopped at line 10, routine main(argc=1, argv=0xeffff0e0), file t.c
;; from breakpoints (the `(0)' there isn't constant, it's the breakpoint
;; number), and
;; Stopped at line 13, routine main(argc=1, argv=0xeffff0e0), file t.c
;; from signals and
;; Frame 21, line 974, routine command_loop(), file keyboard.c
;; from up/down/where.
(defun gud-dguxdbx-marker-filter (string)
(setq gud-marker-acc (if gud-marker-acc
(concat gud-marker-acc string)
(let ((re (concat "^\\(\\(([0-9]+) \\)?Stopped at\\|Frame [0-9]+,\\)"
" line \\([0-9]+\\), routine .*, file \\([^ \t\n]+\\)"))
;; Process all complete markers in this chunk.
(while (string-match re gud-marker-acc start)
(setq gud-last-frame
(substring gud-marker-acc (match-beginning 4) (match-end 4))
(string-to-int (substring gud-marker-acc
(match-beginning 3) (match-end 3))))
start (match-end 0)))
;; Search for the last incomplete line in this chunk
(while (string-match "\n" gud-marker-acc start)
(setq start (match-end 0)))
;; If the incomplete line APPEARS to begin with another marker, keep it
;; in the accumulator. Otherwise, clear the accumulator to avoid an
;; unnecessary concat during the next call.
(setq gud-marker-acc
(if (string-match "Stopped\\|Frame" gud-marker-acc start)
(substring gud-marker-acc (match-beginning 0))
(defun gud-dbx-find-file (f)
(let ((realf (gud-dbx-file-name f)))
......@@ -763,6 +814,9 @@ and source-file directory for your debugger."
(gud-common-init command-line 'gud-dbx-massage-args
'gud-irixdbx-marker-filter 'gud-dbx-find-file))
(gud-common-init command-line 'gud-dbx-massage-args
'gud-dguxdbx-marker-filter 'gud-dbx-find-file))
(gud-common-init command-line 'gud-dbx-massage-args
'gud-dbx-marker-filter 'gud-dbx-find-file)))
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