Commit 34cba8e8 authored by Stephen Berman's avatar Stephen Berman Committed by Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/minibuffer.el (completion-pcm--merge-try): Merge trailing / with


Fixes: debbugs:15419
parent a5d09243
2014-05-14 Stephen Berman <>
Stefan Monnier <>
* minibuffer.el (completion-pcm--merge-try): Merge trailing / with
suffix (bug#15419).
2014-05-14 Glenn Morris <>
* vc/emerge.el (emerge-temp-file-prefix):
......@@ -3215,11 +3215,20 @@ the same set of elements."
;; Not `prefix'.
;; New pos from the start.
(newpos (length (completion-pcm--pattern->string pointpat)))
(newpos (length (completion-pcm--pattern->string pointpat)))
;; Do it afterwards because it changes `pointpat' by side effect.
(merged (completion-pcm--pattern->string (nreverse mergedpat))))
(setq suffix (completion--merge-suffix merged newpos suffix))
(setq suffix (completion--merge-suffix
;; The second arg should ideally be "the position right
;; after the last char of `merged' that comes from the text
;; to be completed". But completion-pcm--merge-completions
;; currently doesn't give us that info. So instead we just
;; use the "last but one" position, which tends to work
;; well in practice since `suffix' always starts
;; with a boundary and we hence mostly/only care about
;; merging this boundary (bug#15419).
merged (max 0 (1- (length merged))) suffix))
(cons (concat prefix merged suffix) (+ newpos (length prefix)))))))
(defun completion-pcm-try-completion (string table pred point)
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