Commit 3505ea70 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* xdisp.c (redisplay_window): Make the scrollbar reflect the

	extent of the visible region, not the whole buffer.
parent 1334b321
......@@ -1060,6 +1060,11 @@ redisplay_window (window, just_this_one)
int start, end, whole;
/* Calculate the start and end positions for the current window.
At some point, it would be nice to choose between scrollbars
which reflect the whole buffer size, with special markers
indicating narrowing, and scrollbars which reflect only the
visible region.
Note that minibuffers sometimes aren't displaying any text. */
if (! MINI_WINDOW_P (w)
|| (w == XWINDOW (minibuf_window) && ! echo_area_glyphs))
......@@ -1068,7 +1073,10 @@ redisplay_window (window, just_this_one)
/* I don't think this is guaranteed to be right. For the
moment, we'll pretend it is. */
end = Z - XINT (w->window_end_pos);
whole = Z - BEG;
whole = ZV - BEGV;
if (end < start) end = start;
if (whole > (end - start)) whole = end - start;
start = end = whole = 0;
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