Commit 352c01a5 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(LD_SWITCH_MACHINE) [!__GNUC__]: Don't define.

(r_alloc, r_re_alloc, r_alloc_free) [REL_ALLOC,
parent a0f48088
......@@ -111,7 +111,15 @@ NOTE-END
/* GNU malloc and the relocating allocator do not work together
with X. */
with X. [Who wrote that?] */
/* May 1995: reportedly [Rainer Schoepf <>] both the
system and the gnu malloc system work with "alpha-dec-osf3.0" and
"alpha-dec-osf3.2". */
/* May 1995: it seems to me [Morten Welinder <>] that both
mallocs work with "alpha-dec-osf2.0", but I daren't break anything
right now. Feel free to play if you want. */
......@@ -154,9 +162,12 @@ NOTE-END
#ifndef __GNUC__
/* This apparently is for the system ld as opposed to Gnu ld. */
#ifdef OSF1
#define LD_SWITCH_MACHINE -non_shared
#define LIBS_DEBUG
#define START_FILES pre-crt0.o
......@@ -210,7 +221,21 @@ NOTE-END
#undef bzero
#undef bcmp
/* We need to prototype these for the lib-src programs even if we don't
use the system malloc for the Emacs proper. */
extern void *malloc (), *realloc ();
extern long *xmalloc (), *xrealloc ();
#ifdef REL_ALLOC
/* "char *" because ralloc.c defines it that way. gmalloc.c thinks it
is allowed to prototype these as "void *" so we don't prototype in
that case. You're right: it stinks! */
extern char *r_alloc (), *r_re_alloc ();
extern void r_alloc_free ();
#endif /* not _MALLOC_INTERNAL */
#endif /* REL_ALLOC */
#endif /* not THIS_IS_YMAKEFILE */
#endif /* not NOT_C_CODE */
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