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* doc/misc/htmlfontify.texi (Customization): Remove documentation of `hfy-fast-lock-save'.

parent 77187e6f
2013-08-09 Xue Fuqiao <>
* htmlfontify.texi (Customization): Remove documentation of
2013-08-08 Xue Fuqiao <>
* ido.texi (Top): Insert node "Working Directories" in menu.
......@@ -1275,6 +1275,7 @@ normally be applied.
@vindex hfy-html-quote-regex
@c FIXME: the cross-reference below looks ugly
Regex to match (with a single back-reference per match) strings in HTML
which should be quoted with @ref{hfy-html-quote}
(and @pxref{hfy-html-quote-map}) to make them safe.
......@@ -1340,31 +1341,6 @@ See also: @ref{hfy-page-footer}
String to add to the @samp{<style> a} variant of an Htmlfontify CSS class.
@item hfy-fast-lock-save
@vindex hfy-fast-lock-save
Minimum size of a buffer for cached fontification.
This value is temporarily assigned to @code{fast-lock-minimum-size} during
Only buffers more than this can have associated Font Lock cache files saved.
If nil, means cache files are never created.
If a list, each element should be a cons pair of the form
@code{(@var{major-mode} . @var{size})}, where @var{major-mode}
is a symbol or t (meaning the default). For example:
((c-mode . 25600 )
(c++-mode . 25600 )
(rmail-mode . 1048576))
@end lisp
means that the minimum size is 25K for buffers in C or C++ modes, one megabyte
for buffers in Rmail mode, and size is irrelevant (i.e., no saves) otherwise.
@item hfy-split-index
@vindex hfy-split-index
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