Commit 35514815 authored by Artur Malabarba's avatar Artur Malabarba
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* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Better transaction messages

(package-menu--partition-transaction): New function.
(package-menu--prompt-transaction-p, package-menu-execute): Use
(package-menu--perform-transaction): Don't do any messaging.
parent 0060c0d7
......@@ -2895,25 +2895,36 @@ prompt (see `package-menu--prompt-transaction-p')."
(t (format "package `%s'"
(package-desc-full-name (car packages))))))
(defun package-menu--prompt-transaction-p (install delete)
"Prompt the user about installing INSTALL and deleting DELETE.
INSTALL and DELETE are lists of `package-desc'. Either may be
nil, but not both."
(defun package-menu--prompt-transaction-p (delete install upgrade)
"Prompt the user about DELETE, INSTALL, and UPGRADE.
DELETE, INSTALL, and UPGRADE are lists of `package-desc' objects.
Either may be nil, but not all."
(when delete "Delete ")
(package-menu--list-to-prompt delete)
(when (and delete install)
(if upgrade "; " "; and "))
(when install "Install ")
(package-menu--list-to-prompt install)
(when (and upgrade (or install delete)) "; and ")
(when upgrade "Upgrade ")
(package-menu--list-to-prompt upgrade)
"? ")))
(defun package-menu--partition-transaction (install delete)
"Return an alist describing an INSTALL DELETE transaction.
Alist contains three entries, upgrade, delete, and install, each
with a list of package names.
The upgrade entry contains any `package-desc' objects in INSTALL
whose name coincides with an object in DELETE. The delete and
the install entries are the same as DELETE and INSTALL with such
objects removed."
(let* ((upg (cl-intersection install delete :key #'package-desc-name))
(ins (cl-set-difference install upg :key #'package-desc-name))
(del (cl-set-difference delete upg :key #'package-desc-name)))
(when del "Delete ")
(package-menu--list-to-prompt del)
(when (and del ins)
(if upg "; " "; and "))
(when ins "Install ")
(package-menu--list-to-prompt ins)
(when (and upg (or ins del)) "; and ")
(when upg "Upgrade ")
(package-menu--list-to-prompt upg)
"? "))))
`((delete . ,del) (install . ,ins) (upgrade . ,upg))))
(defun package-menu--perform-transaction (install-list delete-list)
"Install packages in INSTALL-LIST and delete DELETE-LIST."
......@@ -2931,14 +2942,7 @@ nil, but not both."
(condition-case-unless-debug err
(let ((inhibit-message t))
(package-delete elt))
(error (message (cadr err)))))
(message "Transaction done")
(when package-selected-packages
(when-let ((removable (package--removable-packages)))
(message "These %d packages are no longer needed, type `M-x package-autoremove' to remove them (%s)"
(length removable)
(mapconcat #'symbol-name removable ", "))))
(error (message (cadr err)))))))
(defun package-menu-execute (&optional noquery)
"Perform marked Package Menu actions.
......@@ -2963,11 +2967,28 @@ Optional argument NOQUERY non-nil means do not ask the user to confirm."
(unless (or delete-list install-list)
(user-error "No operations specified"))
(when (or noquery
(package-menu--prompt-transaction-p install-list delete-list))
(message "Transaction started")
;; This calls `package-menu--generate' after everything's done.
(package-menu--perform-transaction install-list delete-list))))
(let-alist (package-menu--partition-transaction install-list delete-list)
(when (or noquery
(package-menu--prompt-transaction-p .delete .install .upgrade))
(let ((message-template
(concat "Package menu: Operation %s ["
(when .delete (format "Delet__ %s" (length .delete)))
(when (and .delete .install) "; ")
(when .install (format "Install__ %s" (length .install)))
(when (and .upgrade (or .install .delete)) "; ")
(when .upgrade (format "Upgrad__ %s" (length .upgrade)))
(message (replace-regexp-in-string "__" "ing" message-template) "started")
(package-menu--perform-transaction install-list delete-list)
(when package-selected-packages
(if-let ((removable (package--removable-packages)))
(message "Package menu: Operation finished. %d packages %s"
(length removable)
"are no longer needed, type `M-x package-autoremove' to remove them")
(message (replace-regexp-in-string "__" "ed" message-template)
;; This calls `package-menu--generate'.
(defun package-menu--version-predicate (A B)
(let ((vA (or (aref (cadr A) 1) '(0)))
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