Commit 356ba514 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fx_selection_exists_p): Handle nil, t as SELECTION arg.

Don't die if SELECTION is not recognized.
parent e23c2c21
......@@ -1679,12 +1679,18 @@ and t is the same as `SECONDARY'.)")
Lisp_Object selection;
Window owner;
Atom atom;
Display *dpy = x_current_display;
CHECK_SYMBOL (selection, 0);
if (!NILP (Fx_selection_owner_p (selection)))
return Qt;
if (EQ (selection, Qnil)) selection = QPRIMARY;
if (EQ (selection, Qt)) selection = QSECONDARY;
atom = symbol_to_x_atom (dpy, selection);
if (atom == 0)
return Qnil;
owner = XGetSelectionOwner (dpy, symbol_to_x_atom (dpy, selection));
owner = XGetSelectionOwner (dpy, atom);
return (owner ? Qt : Qnil);
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