Commit 357460d0 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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  Call x_set_menu_resources_from_menu_face before initially popping up
  the menu, so the menu doesn't flash when the face settings are
  significantly different from the defaults.
parent da353f23
......@@ -2197,12 +2197,14 @@ xmenu_show (f, x, y, for_click, keymaps, title, error)
/* Free the widget_value objects we used to specify the contents. */
free_menubar_widget_value_tree (first_wv);
/* Override any default settings with ones from the `menu' face. */
x_set_menu_resources_from_menu_face (f, menu);
/* No selection has been chosen yet. */
menu_item_selection = 0;
/* Display the menu. */
lw_popup_menu (menu, (XEvent *) &dummy);
x_set_menu_resources_from_menu_face (f, menu);
popup_activated_flag = 1;
/* Process events that apply to the menu. */
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