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......@@ -189,8 +189,9 @@ provide the old non-prefixed names.
*** `desktop-path' no longer includes the "." directory. Desktop
files are now located in ~/.emacs.d by default.
** A new mode for Python.
This provides several new features, including:
** Python mode
A new version of python.el, which provides several new features, including:
per-buffer shells, better indentation, Python 3 support, and improved
shell-interaction compatible with iPython (and virtually any other
text based shell).
......@@ -243,11 +244,15 @@ python-send-string | python-shell-send-string
python-switch-to-python | python-shell-switch-to-shell
python-describe-symbol | python-eldoc-at-point
** VHDL-mode
- Support for ghdl (free vhdl compiler). Now default.
- Add/update support for VHDL-AMS packages.
- Update to VHDL'02 standard.
- Accept \r and \f as whitespace.
** VHDL mode
*** The free software compiler GHDL is supported (and now the default).
*** Support for the VHDL-AMS packages has been added/updated.
*** Updated to the 2002 revision of the VHDL standard.
*** Accepts \r and \f as whitespace.
** Diff mode
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