Commit 35a46c5c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Renamed from `turn-on-font-lock-if-enabled'.
Fully obey `font-lock-global-modes'.
parent 97862da1
2007-10-19 Richard Stallman <>
* font-core.el (turn-on-font-lock-if-desired):
Renamed from `turn-on-font-lock-if-enabled'.
Fully obey `font-lock-global-modes'.
2007-10-19 Stefan Monnier <>
* diff-mode.el (diff-fine-highlight-preproc): Stick to minimal changes
......@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ this function onto `change-major-mode-hook'."
;; hook is run, the major mode is in the process of being changed and we do not
;; know what the final major mode will be. So, `font-lock-change-major-mode'
;; only (a) notes the name of the current buffer, and (b) adds our function
;; `turn-on-font-lock-if-enabled' to the hook variables
;; `turn-on-font-lock-if-desired' to the hook variables
;; `after-change-major-mode-hook' and `post-command-hook' (for modes
;; that do not yet run `after-change-major-mode-hook'). By the time
;; the functions on the first of these hooks to be run are run, the new major
......@@ -281,14 +281,17 @@ means that Font Lock mode is turned on for buffers in C and C++ modes only."
(repeat :inline t (symbol :tag "mode"))))
:group 'font-lock)
(defun turn-on-font-lock-if-enabled ()
(unless (and (eq (car-safe font-lock-global-modes) 'not)
(memq major-mode (cdr font-lock-global-modes)))
(defun turn-on-font-lock-if-desired ()
(when (cond ((eq font-lock-global-modes t)
((eq (car-safe font-lock-global-modes) 'not)
(not (memq major-mode (cdr font-lock-global-modes))))
(t (memq major-mode (cdr font-lock-global-modes))))
(let (inhibit-quit)
(define-globalized-minor-mode global-font-lock-mode
font-lock-mode turn-on-font-lock-if-enabled
font-lock-mode turn-on-font-lock-if-desired
:extra-args (dummy)
:initialize 'custom-initialize-safe-default
:init-value (not (or noninteractive emacs-basic-display))
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