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......@@ -1375,7 +1375,8 @@ IMAGE is an image specification.
Image specifications are lists of the form `(image PROPS)' where PROPS
is a property list whose keys are keyword symbols. Each
specifications must contain a property `:type TYPE' with TYPE being a
symbol specifying the image type, e.g. `xbm'.
symbol specifying the image type, e.g. `xbm'. Properties not
described below are ignored.
The following is a list of properties all image types share.
......@@ -1418,13 +1419,6 @@ search for the image in `data-directory'. Some image types support
building images from data. When this is done, no `:file' property
may be present in the image specification.
`:user-data DATA'
This property can be used to store user-defined data along with an
image specification. Please note that two image specifications are
equal only if their user-defined data properties are equal.
*** Supported image types
**** XBM, image type `xbm'.
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