Commit 35d95cf6 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney

(cp932, cp936, cp949, cp950): Add aliases.

Also add cp125* if not already defined.
parent 41d8e8b2
......@@ -4486,15 +4486,20 @@ Return an updated `non-iso-charset-alist'."
(let ((w (intern (format "windows-125%d" i)))
(c (intern (format "cp125%d" i))))
(if (coding-system-p c) ; 1251 is in cyrillic.el
(define-coding-system-alias c w))
(define-coding-system-alias c w)
(if (coding-system-p w)
(define-coding-system-alias w c)))
;; Compatibility with codepage.el, though cp... are not the
;; canonical names.
(push (assoc w non-iso-charset-alist) non-iso-charset-alist)))
;; Use Unicode font under Windows. Jason Rumney fecit.
(if (fboundp 'w32-add-charset-info)
(unless (boundp 'w32-unicode-charset-defined)
(w32-add-charset-info "iso10646-1" 'w32-charset-ansi t)))
;; DOS/Windows codepages that correspond to coding systems already supported
;; by Emacs. Only codepages used as system codepages are listed here,
;; to assist in finding the appropriate coding-system for clipboard etc.
(define-coding-system-alias 'cp932 'japanese-shift-jis)
(define-coding-system-alias 'cp936 'chinese-iso-8bit)
(define-coding-system-alias 'cp949 'korean-iso-8bit)
(define-coding-system-alias 'cp950 'chinese-big5)
(provide 'code-pages)
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