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(jdb): Do proper analysis of classes defined in a Java

source.  This removes the restriction of one class per file.
(gud-jdb-package-of-file): Removed.  Replaced with parsing routines.
(gud-jdb-skip-whitespace): New function.
(gud-jdb-skip-single-line-comment): New function.
(gud-jdb-skip-traditional-or-documentation-comment): New function.
(gud-jdb-skip-whitespace-and-comments): New function.
(gud-jdb-skip-id-ish-thing): New function.
(gud-jdb-skip-string-literal): New function.
(gud-jdb-skip-character-literal): New function.
(gud-jdb-skip-block): New function.
(gud-jdb-analyze-source): New function.
(gud-jdb-build-class-source-alist-for-file): New function.
(gud-jdb-analysis-buffer): New variable.
(gud-jdb-build-class-source-alist): Cleaner at the expense of new
parent c241bb9c
......@@ -1316,22 +1316,37 @@ and source-file directory for your debugger."
;; Type M-n to step over the current line and M-s to step into it. That,
;; along with the JDB 'help' command should get you started. The 'quit'
;; JDB command will get out out of the debugger.
;; JDB command will get out out of the debugger. There is some truly
;; pathetic JDB documentation available at:
;; Each source file must contain one and only one class or interface
;; definition.
;; Not sure what happens with inner classes ... haven't tried them.
;; Does not grok UNICODE id's. Only ASCII id's are supported.
;; Loses when valid package statements are embedded in certain kinds of
;; comments and/or string literals, but this should be rare.
;; You must not put whitespace between "-classpath" and the path to
;; search for java classes even though it is required when invoking jdb
;; from the command line. See gud-jdb-massage-args for details.
;; If any of the source files in the directories listed in
;; gud-jdb-directories won't parse you'll have problems. Make sure
;; every file ending in ".java" in these directories parses without error.
;; All the .java files in the directories in gud-jdb-directories are
;; syntactically analyzed each time gud jdb is invoked. It would be
;; nice to keep as much information as possible between runs. It would
;; be really nice to analyze the files only as neccessary (when the
;; source needs to be displayed.) I'm not sure to what extent the former
;; can be accomplished and I'm not sure the latter can be done at all
;; since I don't know of any general way to tell which .class files are
;; defined by which .java file without analyzing all the .java files.
;; If anyone knows why JavaSoft didn't put the source file names in
;; debuggable .class files please clue me in so I find something else
;; to be spiteful and bitter about.
;; ======================================================================
;; gud jdb variables and functions
......@@ -1352,42 +1367,221 @@ The file names should be absolute, or relative to the current directory.")
(defun gud-jdb-build-source-files-list (path extn)
(apply 'nconc (mapcar (lambda (d) (directory-files d t extn nil)) path)))
;; Return the package (with trailing period) to which FILE belongs.
;; Returns "" if FILE is in the default package. BUF is the name of a
;; buffer into which FILE is read so that it can be searched in order
;; to determine it's package. As a consequence, the contents of BUF
;; are erased by this function.
(defun gud-jdb-package-of-file (buf file)
(set-buffer buf)
(insert-file-contents file nil nil nil t)
;; FIXME: Java IDs are UNICODE strings - this code does not
;; do the right thing!
;; FIXME: Does not always ignore contents of comments or string literals.
(if (re-search-forward
"^[ \t]*package[ \t]+\\([a-zA-Z0-9$_\.]+\\)[ \t]*;" nil t)
(concat (match-string 1) ".")
;; Move point past whitespace.
(defun gud-jdb-skip-whitespace ()
(skip-chars-forward " \n\r\t\014"))
;; Move point past a "// <eol>" type of comment.
(defun gud-jdb-skip-single-line-comment ()
;; Move point past a "/* */" or "/** */" type of comment.
(defun gud-jdb-skip-traditional-or-documentation-comment ()
(forward-char 2)
(catch 'break
(while (not (eobp))
(if (eq (following-char) ?*)
(if (not (eobp))
(if (eq (following-char) ?/)
(throw 'break nil)))))
;; Move point past any number of consecutive whitespace chars and/or comments.
(defun gud-jdb-skip-whitespace-and-comments ()
(catch 'done
(while t
((looking-at "//")
((looking-at "/\\*")
(t (throw 'done nil))))))
;; Move point past things that are id-like. The intent is to skip regular
;; id's, such as class or interface names as well as package and interface
;; names.
(defun gud-jdb-skip-id-ish-thing ()
(skip-chars-forward "^ /\n\r\t\014,;{"))
;; Move point past a string literal.
(defun gud-jdb-skip-string-literal ()
(if (eq (following-char) ?\\)
(forward-char 2))
(not (eq (following-char) ?\042)))
;; Move point past a character literal.
(defun gud-jdb-skip-character-literal ()
(if (eq (following-char) ?\\)
(forward-char 2))
(not (eq (following-char) ?\')))
;; Move point past the following block. There may be (legal) cruft before
;; the block's opening brace. There must be a block or it's the end of life
;; in petticoat junction.
(defun gud-jdb-skip-block ()
;; Find the begining of the block.
(not (eq (following-char) ?{))
;; Skip any constructs that can harbor literal block delimiter
;; characters and/or the delimiters for the constructs themselves.
((looking-at "//")
((looking-at "/\\*")
((eq (following-char) ?\042)
((eq (following-char) ?\')
(t (forward-char))))
;; Now at the begining of the block.
;; Skip over the body of the block as well as the final brace.
(let ((open-level 1))
(while (not (eq open-level 0))
((looking-at "//")
((looking-at "/\\*")
((eq (following-char) ?\042)
((eq (following-char) ?\')
((eq (following-char) ?{)
(setq open-level (+ open-level 1))
((eq (following-char) ?})
(setq open-level (- open-level 1))
(t (forward-char))))))
;; Find the package and class definitions in Java source file FILE. Assumes
;; that FILE contains a legal Java program. BUF is a scratch buffer used
;; to hold the source during analysis.
(defun gud-jdb-analyze-source (buf file)
(let ((l nil))
(set-buffer buf)
(insert-file-contents file nil nil nil t)
(goto-char 0)
(catch 'abort
(let ((p ""))
(while (progn
(not (eobp)))
;; Any number of semi's following a block is legal. Move point
;; past them. Note that comments and whitespace may be
;; interspersed as well.
((eq (following-char) ?\073)
;; Move point past a single line comment.
((looking-at "//")
;; Move point past a traditional or documentation comment.
((looking-at "/\\*")
;; Move point past a package statement, but save the PackageName.
((looking-at "package")
(forward-char 7)
(let ((s (point)))
(setq p (concat (buffer-substring s (point)) "."))
(if (eq (following-char) ?\073)
;; Move point past an import statement.
((looking-at "import")
(forward-char 6)
(if (eq (following-char) ?\073)
;; Move point past the various kinds of ClassModifiers.
((looking-at "public")
(forward-char 6))
((looking-at "abstract")
(forward-char 8))
((looking-at "final")
(forward-char 5))
;; Move point past a ClassDeclaraction, but save the class
;; Identifier.
((looking-at "class")
(forward-char 5)
(let ((s (point)))
l (nconc l (list (concat p (buffer-substring s (point)))))))
;; Move point past an interface statement.
((looking-at "interface")
(forward-char 9)
;; Anything else means the input is invalid.
(message (format "Error parsing file %s." file))
(throw 'abort nil))))))
(defun gud-jdb-build-class-source-alist-for-file (file)
(lambda (c)
(cons c file))
(gud-jdb-analyze-source gud-jdb-analysis-buffer file)))
;; Association list of fully qualified class names (package + class name) and
;; their source files.
(defvar gud-jdb-class-source-alist nil)
;; This is used to hold a source file during analysis.
(defvar gud-jdb-analysis-buffer nil)
;; Return an alist of fully qualified classes and the source files
;; holding their definitions. SOURCES holds a list of all the source
;; files to examine.
(defun gud-jdb-build-class-source-alist (sources)
(let ((tmpbuf (get-buffer-create "*gud-jdb-scratch*")))
(lambda (s)
(gud-jdb-package-of-file tmpbuf s)
(file-name-nondirectory s))))
s)) sources)
(kill-buffer tmpbuf))))
(setq gud-jdb-analysis-buffer (get-buffer-create "*gud-jdb-scratch*"))
(kill-buffer gud-jdb-analysis-buffer)
(setq gud-jdb-analysis-buffer nil)))
;; Change what was given in the minibuffer to something that can be used to
;; invoke the debugger.
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