Commit 360e0dd5 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(isearch-mode): Don't call make-frame-visible

if frame is already visible.
parent 992f7c96
......@@ -585,11 +585,11 @@ is treated as a regexp. See \\[isearch-forward] for more info."
;; Maybe make minibuffer frame visible and/or raise it.
(let ((frame (window-frame (minibuffer-window))))
(if (not (memq (frame-live-p frame) '(nil t)))
(make-frame-visible frame)
(if minibuffer-auto-raise
(raise-frame frame)))))
(unless (memq (frame-live-p frame) '(nil t))
(unless (frame-visible-p frame)
(make-frame-visible frame))
(if minibuffer-auto-raise
(raise-frame frame))))
(setq isearch-mode " Isearch") ;; forward? regexp?
......@@ -1600,8 +1600,8 @@ If there is no completion possible, say so and continue searching."
(concat " [" current-input-method-title "]: ")
": ")
(propertize (concat (upcase (substring m 0 1)) (substring m 1)) 'face 'minibuffer-prompt)))
(propertize (concat (upcase (substring m 0 1)) (substring m 1))
'face 'minibuffer-prompt)))
(defun isearch-message-suffix (&optional c-q-hack ellipsis)
(concat (if c-q-hack "^Q" "")
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