Commit 361edc85 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(c-postprocess-file-styles): Declare for compiler.

parent ef7f89b2
2008-05-21 Glenn Morris <>
* files.el (c-postprocess-file-styles): Declare for compiler.
* Allow for parallel byte-compiling.
(ELCFILES): New variable.
(.el.elc): Remove prerequisites from suffix rule. Print a message.
......@@ -3149,6 +3149,8 @@ is found. Returns the new class name."
(set-directory-project dir-name class-name)
(declare-function c-postprocess-file-styles "cc-mode" ())
(defun hack-project-variables ()
"Set local variables in a buffer based on project settings."
(when (and (buffer-file-name) (not (file-remote-p (buffer-file-name))))
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