Commit 36347d43 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(rmail-decode-quoted-printable): New function

mostly copied from gnus-art.el.
(rmail-hex-string-to-integer): New fn, copied from hexl.el.
(rmail-hex-char-to-integer): Likewise.
(rmail-convert-to-babyl-format): Use rmail-decode-quoted-printable.
parent fc4d62fe
......@@ -1478,10 +1478,7 @@ Optional DEFAULT is password to start with."
(setq count (1+ count))
(if quoted-printable-header-field-end
(narrow-to-region header-end (point))
(require 'gnus-art)
(rmail-decode-quoted-printable header-end (point))
;; Change "quoted-printable" to "8bit",
;; to reflect the decoding we just did.
(goto-char quoted-printable-header-field-end)
......@@ -1508,6 +1505,46 @@ Optional DEFAULT is password to start with."
(t (error "Cannot convert to babyl format")))))
(defun rmail-hex-char-to-integer (character)
"Return CHARACTER's value interpreted as a hex digit."
(if (and (>= character ?0) (<= character ?9))
(- character ?0)
(let ((ch (logior character 32)))
(if (and (>= ch ?a) (<= ch ?f))
(- ch (- ?a 10))
(error "Invalid hex digit `%c'" ch)))))
(defun rmail-hex-string-to-integer (hex-string)
"Return decimal integer for HEX-STRING."
(let ((hex-num 0)
(index 0))
(while (< index (length hex-string))
(setq hex-num (+ (* hex-num 16)
(rmail-hex-char-to-integer (aref hex-string index))))
(setq index (1+ index)))
(defun rmail-decode-quoted-printable (from to)
"Decode Quoted-Printable in the region between FROM and TO."
(interactive "r")
(goto-char from)
(or (markerp to)
(setq to (copy-marker to)))
(while (search-forward "=" to t)
(cond ((eq (following-char) ?\n)
(delete-char -1)
(delete-char 1))
((looking-at "[0-9A-F][0-9A-F]")
(1- (point)) (point) ?=
(buffer-substring (point) (+ 2 (point)))))
(delete-char 2))
((looking-at "=")
(delete-char 1))
(message "Malformed MIME quoted-printable message")))))
;; Delete the "From ..." line, creating various other headers with
;; information from it if they don't already exist. Now puts the
;; original line into a mail-from: header line for debugging and for
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