Commit 3654a351 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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(texinfo-tex-buffer): Bind

tex-start-options-string to empty string.
(texinfo-tex-region): Use texinfo-tex-trailer as documented.
parent 2602d1ea
......@@ -814,14 +814,17 @@ The value of `texinfo-tex-trailer' is appended to the temporary file after the r
(interactive "r")
(require 'tex-mode)
(let ((tex-command texinfo-tex-command)
(tex-trailer "@bye\n"))
(tex-trailer texinfo-tex-trailer))
(tex-region beg end)))
(defun texinfo-tex-buffer ()
"Run TeX on visited file, once or twice, to make a correct `.dvi' file."
(require 'tex-mode)
(let ((tex-command texinfo-texi2dvi-command))
(let ((tex-command texinfo-texi2dvi-command)
;; Disable tex-start-options-string. texi2dvi would not
;; understand anything specified here.
(tex-start-options-string ""))
(defun texinfo-texindex ()
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