Commit 3687c2ef authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* alloc.c (lisp_align_malloc): Omit unnecessary val==NULL tests.

parent 5ab33f2b
2011-05-30 Paul Eggert <>
* alloc.c (lisp_align_malloc): Omit unnecessary val==NULL tests.
* eval.c (Qdebug): Now static.
* lisp.h (Qdebug): Remove decl. This reverts a part of the
2011-04-26T11:26:05Z! that inadvertently undid part of
......@@ -993,13 +993,11 @@ lisp_align_malloc (size_t nbytes, enum mem_type type)
free_ablock = free_ablock->x.next_free;
if (val && type != MEM_TYPE_NON_LISP)
if (type != MEM_TYPE_NON_LISP)
mem_insert (val, (char *) val + nbytes, type);
if (!val && nbytes)
memory_full ();
eassert (0 == ((uintptr_t) val) % BLOCK_ALIGN);
return val;
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