Commit 36b5be6b authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(ffap-bug, ffap-submit-bug): Redefine as obsolete aliases for

(gnus-summary-select-article, gnus-configure-windows): Declare as functions.
parent 47330d3f
......@@ -1045,6 +1045,9 @@ Assumes the buffer has not changed."
;; Older: (apply 'copy-region-as-kill ffap-string-at-point-region)
(message "Copied to kill ring: %s" str))))
;; External.
;;;(declare-function w3-view-this-url "w3" (&optional no-show))
(defun ffap-url-at-point nil
"Return url from around point if it exists, or nil."
;; Could use w3's url-get-url-at-point instead. Both handle "URL:",
......@@ -1687,20 +1690,8 @@ Only intended for interactive use."
;;; Bug Reporter:
(defun ffap-bug nil
"Submit a bug report for the ffap package."
;; Important: keep the version string here in synch with that at top
;; of file! Could use lisp-mnt from Emacs 19, but that would depend
;; on being able to find the ffap.el source file.
(require 'reporter)
(let ((reporter-prompt-for-summary-p t))
"Michelangelo Grigni <>"
(mapcar 'intern (all-completions "ffap-" obarray 'boundp)))))
(fset 'ffap-submit-bug 'ffap-bug) ; another likely name
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'ffap-bug 'report-emacs-bug "23.1")
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'ffap-submit-bug 'report-emacs-bug "23.1")
;;; Hooks for Gnus, VM, Rmail:
......@@ -1724,6 +1715,13 @@ Only intended for interactive use."
(defvar gnus-summary-buffer)
(defvar gnus-article-buffer)
;; This code is called from gnus.
(declare-function gnus-summary-select-article "gnus-sum"
(&optional all-headers force pseudo article))
(declare-function gnus-configure-windows "gnus-win"
(setting &optional force))
(defun ffap-gnus-wrapper (form) ; used by both commands below
(and (eq (current-buffer) (get-buffer gnus-summary-buffer))
(gnus-summary-select-article)) ; get article of current line
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